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  Flash LaCash vs. Van Skyler  

Flash LaCash - 5'10", 235 lbs

Flash turns the handsome stud over for a boston crab

Bound and exposed: Van's gut is in trouble!

A nearly-vanquished Van unwisely clambers to his feet as his torturer lurks in the background

Flash drags his smaller opponent to his feet with a handful of trunks

Old-school humiliation: Flash chokes his victim with a sock-covered fist

"Are you a poser or a wrestler!?"

Van Skyler likes the way he looks, and by the reaction of BG East fans to his recent wrestling debut, so do you. The very definition of a ripped rookie, Van's luscious, pouty lips and bulging muscles instantly turned this sexy stud into one of our hottest commodities. There was a collective gasp in the wrestling universe when, during his debut match, his magnificently muscled ass could not be contained by his tiny trunks. And he demonstrated conclusively that all those arousing muscles don't just look sensationally sexy. They also make him a serious competitor on the wrestling mats.

Pro muscle heel Flash LaCash wasn't as quickly convinced. Given the opportunity to initiate the new coverboy in the ring, Flash's suspicions appear confirmed when he finds Van squeezed into tantalizingly tiny pink briefs and adoring his own magnificent muscles. "What are you up to?!" the bearded bad-ass demands as he climbs into the ring. "Just posing," Van shrugs, knowing full well his fans love watching him flex his mouthwatering muscles. "So what does that make you?!" Flash snarls angrily. "Are you a fucking wrestler or a poser?"

Van indulges in one too many fan-pleasing double bicep poses, finding himself suddenly locked up tight in a vicious full nelson. The rookie's bulging biceps are no match for the muscle heel bearing down on him, tossing him around the ring like a devastatingly gorgeous rag doll. It's a rude awakening when a phenomenal athlete like Van finds himself completely manhandled and at the mercy of another man. Flash snaps his gargantuan thighs around his opponent's handsome face and squeezes, laughing as the rookie flails and squirms in shocked agony. "Those pink socks are cute," Flash admires, deciding then and there he's going walk out of the ring with those snazzy socks in his possession.

When the pro heel turns his undivided attention to the sculpted armor of Van's abdominals, the rookie's panic rises. Ab claws dig deep enough to rearrange internal organs. An over-the-knee backbreaker lays the rookie's throbbing gut out like a holiday turkey ready to be carved. Gut punches, stomps, and knee drops batter away at Van's lovingly crafted core. "Take a look!" Flash commands, prying Van's head off the mat and forcing him to stare at his battered, bright red, mangled abs. "Do you like what you see now?"

Van can't quite articulate an answer through gritted teeth, other than to mutter over and over in terror, "Oh, fuck!" When he's too slow to climb to his feet, Flash grabs a handful of the rookie's hair in one hand and the back of the beefcake's trunks in the other and yanks him up off the mat. Those pink briefs get wedged permanently up Van's crack, giving fans that much more opportunity to marvel at the rookie's picture perfect bare ass getting beaten viciously from one corner of the ring to the other.

Both massive muscle men are coated in sweat and visibly emanating heat off of their glistening bodies. Those sweat soaked pink socks that caught Flash's attention get stripped and stuffed down the rookie's throat. The physique star begs for mercy, whimpers and wails, obediently sculpted by the heel's hands into an impotent mass of deliciously useless muscles. Flash still isn't convinced that this magnificent cut of meat is anything more than a poser, but we are absolutely certain that this pro beatdown will do nothing but amass Van still more adoring, hardcore wrestling fans.

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Flash LaCash vs. Van Skyler
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A sweaty encapsulation of its namesake: this Gutbash is one for the books

A grounded bow-and-arrow variation draws screams from the muscle stud

A belly-busting gut drop over-the-knee knocks the wind from Van

Flash stretches out his prey and digs deep in his abused abdominals

Van fruitlessly tries to soothe the burning in his belly as Flash lays into him in the ropes

Flash's knuckles plow so deep you can almost see him knocking on the front of the stud's spine

Van Skyler - 5'8, 185 lbs

Big, bad Flash continues his torture of the muscle stud

A wilting Van claws at the neck-cranking chinlock

Flash celebrates his dominance over the handsome gym bunny

Flash rocks his weight into the beleaguered belly with a knee

Van drops in an over-the-knee gutbuster

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