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  Mikey Vee vs. Fred DeLuca

Fred DeLuca - 5'9, 175 lbs

Fred in over his head as he's taken forcefully to the mat with an armbar

Fred feebly fights to defend his arm from the experienced mat wrestler

Fred's face screwed up in agony as the armbar hyperextends his elbow

Coach Mikey relentlessly tortures the inexperienced challenger

Fred claws at Mikey's thick arms as they suck the fight from him in the rear naked choke

The Biggest Dreams and the Harshest Realities

When Mikey Vee first wrestled for BG East more than 15 years ago, he was a novice fantasy man with a smoking hot body but relatively little wrestling experience. Even as fans begged to see more of his phenomenal physique in action, particularly his showstopping, muscled ass, Mikey took to competitive wrestling like a fish to water. These days, there's more of everything fans love about Mikey. More muscle. More ink. More attitude. He has parlayed his sensationally built body and taste for domination into becoming a highly successful mixed martial arts competitor and all around badass in wrestling circles on camera and off.

On the other hand, Fred DeLuca is as untested and inexperienced as Mikey is accomplished at this point in his career. Connected through a mutual friend, Fred jumped at the opportunity to hire Mikey for a private coaching session on the mats. In gray square cuts, with hairy pecs and pierced nipples, Fred is the average Joe to Mikey's muscle beast fantasy physique. But the rookie nurses big dreams of wrestling glory. If even a fraction of Mikey's success wears off, this newbie will be thrilled to tone up, buckle down, and kick some ass in open competition.

"I'll show you a few moves," Mikey offers as they circle the mats. They trade some gentle Muay Thai kicks to start the session, but Mikey quickly calls time to stretch out a few kinks. "Are we going to do this thing or what!?" Fred snaps impatiently. Somehow, you have to know that making the new kid beg for it is all part of the veteran's plan. Effortlessly, he drops Fred to his back and controls the frustrated newbie. He's all over the struggling rookie, pinning him underneath a mountain of muscle. Calmly pointing out how completely he can own this average Joe, Mikey smoothly snaps his gargantuan legs around Fred's arm and pries his elbow backward until the rookie is frantically tapping the mat.

Coach Vee takes Fred through his paces, practicing strikes, takedowns and finishers. Flat on his feet and a little soft in the middle, the rookie breaks out into a sweat and starts huffing and puffing like a steam engine in minutes while trying to keep up. Mikey can make him tap out at will, repeatedly snapping shut the beartrap of his huge thighs around Fred's arm and threatening to snap it in half. He challenges the kid to try a single leg take down, but Mikey's tree trunks are just too huge, he's just too balanced, and for such a massive hunk of man, he's way too fast for the lunging newbie to grab hold. So Mikey shows him how it's done, manhandling Fred like a practice dummy and driving him hard to the mat. When Mikey climbs off and turns his back, the rookie's composure snaps. He lunges at coach from behind.

Face it, for any average Joe to have a prayer of standing toe to toe with Mikey Vee, it's going to take remarkable fortitude, more than a little luck, and sure, probably some dirty tricks like attacking coach from behind. It's a ballsy move, guaranteed to piss off one of the most dangerous shoot wrestlers in competition. This mat tutorial turns viciously dark as punches fly, shifting from a focus on technique into more of a back alley brawl. Is there enough luck in the world for ambitious Fred DeLuca to come out of this in one piece? You might be surprised.

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Mikey Vee vs. Fred DeLuca
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DeLuca wails as the smooth powerful thighs crush his ribcage

Fred can do nothing but endure the suffering as his knee is wrecked

A rear-naked choke effectively ends the struggles of new matman DeLuca

Massive, muscled Mikey looms victoriously over his broken opponent

Smooth, succulent Mikey drags the rookie to the mat with an armbar

The coach carts his player around the mat in a fireman's carry

Mikey Vee - 5'11, 185 lbs

Mikey charges low to take the newbie off his feet

A triangle choke ties Fred up, leaving him defenseles against his opponent

Big Mikey stretches out his prey with a tight reverse chinlock

Magnigificent Mikey Vee flexes mightily over the trounced "Average Joe"

"everything but the kitchen sink" comes to mind as Mikey binds Fred with a roll of duct tape

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