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  Damien Rush vs. Mauricio

Damien Rush - 5'11, 200 lbs

Daddy's little rich boy gets his big leg scissored and hyperextended by the rookie

Mauricio is in full control, his massive legs wrapping up Damien's large upperbody

The rook works and struggles from behind to control the hairy stud

Big, bad Damien rides Mauricio's back, putting him face down on the mat

Mauricio grimaces in pain as he's spladled wide by his seasoned foe

Two Wrestlers that Agree on One Thing

There's something deceptively delicate about debut rookie Mauricio. He's carefully coiffed and styled, with sculpted facial hair and a jet black kewpie doll haircut. His huge thighs and phenomenal bubble butt stretch and strain the fabric of his way, way low cut sexy singlet. He's big. Huge, really, but with a dazzlingly pretty shine on him that could easily make you underestimate his athletic potential.

If there's a reigning champion of fatally underestimating his opponents, it's got to be daddy's little rich boy Damien Rush. Not that it's hard to understand why Damien struggles to tear his eyes away from his own beautiful, bulging, luxuriantly hairy body to seriously consider an opponent's merits. Squeezed audaciously inside an astonishingly tight electric blue singlet, he's bigger and harder than ever. Instantly, he grabs Mauricio's hand and rubs it up and down his crystal cut abs. "Feel this, right here," Damien purrs. "That's fucking nice, right?" "Yeah!" Mauricio smiles enthusiastically, clearly enjoying what he sees and feels. "See, this utter perfection," Damien crows, flexing a double bicep that's never been bigger. The rookie agrees, clearly a Damien Rush fan. "Feel that peak!" Damien insists. He doesn't need to tell Mauricio twice.

When both wrestlers manage to tear themselves away from getting turned on by Damien's fabulous physique, the initial action is precisely the rude awakening we've come to expect for Damien. With calm confidence, the rookie pounds the overconfident blue blood to the mat and mounts him in a schoolboy pin. But if there's one thing that bulging muscles, extensive experience, and a high priced private wrestling coach get you, it's a dangerous Damien Rush. A scramble for control lands Damien on top, snapping on an elbow lock and shoving his hairy armpit in the rookie's face. "Is that tight enough for you?" Damien crows. Whatever Mauricio's muffled response, it sounds remarkably enthusiastic!

Damien is determined to school the rookie by taking the big man down and owning his bulging bubble butt with his ground game. Crushing bodyscissors make Mauricio moan while intimate crotch-to-face headscissors make him groan, and neither makes the rookie sound at all unhappy. It's hard to argue that the new kid's got the best seat in the house, staring up close at Damien's beautiful bulge in his face. The blue blood leans on one elbow, striking a pose like a Playgirl centerfold.

Try as he might, however, Damien struggles to close the deal. Shoulder straps pulled down to show off his hot, hairy torso, the frustrated mat veteran throws every finisher he can think of, but Mauricio's either just too tough, or enjoying getting his hands all over Damien too much, to stay down. They're both soaked in sweat and completely exhausted before one hot hunk slips on a sleeper and refuses to let his foe submit, putting him out cold. No one leaves any less thrilled at the sight, smell and feel of Damien's gorgeous, sweaty body, but only one hunk walks away with his dignity entirely intact.

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Damien Rush vs. Mauricio
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Mauricio tries to claw his way free of the neck-cranking headlock

Posing like a Playgirl centerfold, Damien's thick thighs crush the newbie's skull

Daddy's little rich boy grounded, his big legs being mercilessly worked over by the rookie

Damien stretches his opponent's crotch torturously wide

Damien's thick, tree-trunk thighs swallow Mauricio's handsome face

Damien struggles helplessly in the tightly-held full nelson

Mauricio - 6'2, 205 lbs

Maurico warps and wrecks his opponent's lower extremities

Damien takes his opponent to the mat and hammerlocks his arms up his back

Damien in a world of hurt as the mat freshman rocks him back in a single-leg boston

Damien's big hairy bod flexes mightily to power free of the full-nelson

Mauricio tames the hairy stud with a tight bodyscissor, rear-naked choke combo

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