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  Dick Rick vs. Lucky Loko  

Lucky Loko - 5'7, 145 lbs

Lucky shocks(!) as he cranks a nasty chinlock on his MUCH bigger opponent's neck

A deadly dangerous dragon sleeper hold has the long haired Loko sucking some man pit

Dirty Dastardly Dick delivers a boot choke and grinds his bootlaces across Lucky's throat

Man the torpedos! Dick launches his shoulder deep in Lucky's midsection

Lucky slowly runs out of steam as those tree-trunk thighs headscissor him to hell

Belly Abuse: Loko Not So Lucky When Faced with The Dirty Dick

Lucky Loko has already made quite the splash here at BGE with his first two matches. He gave Austin Cooper a hell of a hard time, showing that he may be smaller than other wrestlers, but he's a strategist who will do whatever it takes to wear his opponent down. And in his match against the huge Dev Michaels, he showed that he's also a little bit loco, refusing to submit to holds that would leave just about anyone else screaming for mercy. Add in his scrappiness, speed, and indy experience and it's no surprise why he has a reputation here at BGE for leaping at the chance to take on guys most wrestlers think twice or thrice about challenging. And his opponent this time might just be his biggest, meanest and most experienced opponent to date. Enter Down'n Dirty Dastardly Dick Rick!

Dick is a mean Son of a Bitch, and he's got the skills, size, and muscles to shut up anyone who complains about it. A veteran heel at BG East, he has destroyed the likes of Cameron Matthews, Aryx Quinn, Z-Man, Alexi Adamov, and countless others. It's unclear whether he enjoys punishing his opponents for the money or for the sheer love of causing pain to those lesser than himself, but the one thing that's certain is that he's one of the most efficient and effective wrestlers when it comes to delivering that pain! With half a foot and a nearly 100 lb advantage, Lucky Loko might not be so lucky during this match.

Even more unlucky for Loko is the fact that these two have history, and not the fun kind. Both guys were on the same Indy circuit in California making names for themselves. But Dick never hesitated to let everyone around him, wrestlers and fans alike, know that little guys have no place in wrestling. It's for Real Men, not little boys. It got so bad behind the scenes that every single time Lucky Loko leaped into the air to dropkick a big guy, he pictured Dick's face. But he never actually got that chance, until today.

Dirty Dick hardly remembers Lucky (he doesn't waste memory on the little people), but the only thing he does remember is that someone should have ended Lucky's career a long, long time ago! Dick doesn't even deign to dish out his dirty trash talk to Lucky, so eager is he to get right down to the business of doling out the punishment. In almost no time at all, Dick Rick has Lucky in the corner and nearly folds him in two with some vicious shoulder-blocks. Keeping the gut abuse going, Dick effortlessly presses Lucky up high and then down onto an over-the-knee gutbuster. Planting both knees on Lucky's abs, Dick begins literally bouncing up and down on his trapped opponent. Such arrogance! Such delirious pleasure it gives the dirty Dick! Before Loko even has a chance to recover, Dick begins digging his thumb into Loko's abs right alongside his other hand's gut claw. Less than five minutes into the match and Lucky has already been subjected to more gut bashing than some wrestlers face in our Gutbash Series! When Dick wants to cause pain, he doesn't waste a single second!

The rest of the match is truly a surprise, as Lucky Loko is tough and wiry, unaccustomed to being jobbed. And whenever he sees an opportunity to put his wiriness to good use, he does. He may face an uphill battle to take down Dirty Dick, but his submission holds elicit screams of pain nonetheless. Of course, Dick is very good at making people scream too, like when he gets Loko up and into one of the longest and most vicious torture racks ever seen at BG East. Will Lucky Loko's sheer craziness be enough to defeat such a veteran heel and prove little guys have earned their place in wrestling, or will Dick Rick's sadistic joy of hurting others triumph in the end and help Lucky retire early?

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Dick Rick vs. Lucky Loko
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It doesn't look like Lucky has much left as he droops in Dick's shoulder wrenching surfboard

Rick's big right fist knocks the sense out of the youngster rocking the feisty long hair

Lucky's in some serious trouble as his limbs are cinched in for a classic figure four leglock

Repeated ab abuse: Dick digs deep, drilling for oil in the jobber's midsection

Gut Bash! Big Dick rains a big elbow down with an over the knee backbreaker

An endless rack! Lean, long, Lucky draped lifelessly, bounced up and over Big Dick's broad shoulders

Dick Rick - 6'1, 220 lbs

A cocky and smiling Lucky Loko faces off with a stone-faced Dirty Dick Rick

Dropped from an overhead gorilla press onto Dick's waiting knee, Lucky is very vulnerable!

That big boot comes smashing down right between Lucky Loko's lean pecs

Dick wrings the sweat out of the punishment sponge with a match-ending(?) cobra clutch

Dick tortures the long-haired stud in a bow & arrow variation with no end to the pain in sight

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