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  Flash LaCash vs. Zach Reno  

Zach Reno - 5'8, 160 lbs

A fistful of curly hair frees Flash from Zach's punishing side headlock

The Pit & The Pendulum! Zach's helpless body stretches, bends, and swings above the mat

No hair is safe! Zach's head cranked over the alpha's knee with healthy handfuls of head & chin hair

Flash bears down from his perch on the corner turnbuckle with a choking rear chancery

Is a back-bending, rear chinlock the end of the tour of Flash's "Pain Palace" or just the beginning?

"They're PEACH!!!" Appetizing Alpha Clash

The second match of this Ringwars series wastes no time getting started. As Flash LaCash climbs into the ring and sizes up his opponent, it's clear he senses another hairy dog in the BGE house gunning for Alpha status. "You must be the infamous Zach Reno. You the New Guy round here? The new Badass?" If Flash is gonna call him a badass, Zach will take it. But before he can even finish agreeing with Flash that yes, he IS the new Badass on campus, Flash is taking it back and accusing Zach of wearing his mom's orange panties!

Flash is a couple steps ahead of Zach in securing his Alpha cred, since he's already taken on the biggest, brawniest and best that BGEast has to offer: Biff, Guido, Van, Braden.... He plays exclusively with his fellow Big Boys. As one blogger recently raved, Flash is "knocking on the door of BGE Heel Greatness alongside legends like Guido Genatto, Dom the Dominator, and Brooklyn Bodywrecker." Zach, on the other hand, has taken on some of BGE's best (Dumont, Matthews, Sorell) but not biggest. After a bit of trash talk about who has the bigger muscle "down there" in the trunks, Flash ends the pleasantries, striking first with a sudden kick to Zach's gut. Flash might have the size advantage, but he only has the speed advantage when he's blindsiding his opponent with cheap shots, a point Zach drives home as he quickly rebounds and launches a flurry of punches Flash's way.

But Flash has no problem using Zach's luscious long locks to his advantage, grabbing a fistful of the curls, yanking and twisting. With Zach on his toes, it's easy to deliver the vicious chops which are not only heard throughout the BGE compound, but that send shivers down the spines of any wrestler who's been on the receiving end of them, because Flash isn't satisfied until he's left his Alpha mark. Declaring that he needs to give Zach a tour of the "Pain Palace," Flash clamps his mammoth thighs around Zach's waist and squeezes with all his strength. After hearing enough screams, Flash continues his palatial tour by going down the "bow-and-arrow" wing and ending the tour with a double-arm choke/camel clutch combo. But Flash isn't done asserting his dominance over Zach just yet.

Clamping on an agonizing ab claw to Zach's very toned midsection, Flash continues emasculating his opponent. "You and your pathetic orange panties!" But Zach doesn't have enough sense to table his sarcastic nature and in-between screams blurts out "They're peach!" This doesn't help Zach's case at all, but any backtalk infuriates Flash. Jumping to his feet, he begins stomping his boot down on Reno's fingers. If Zach escapes this with no broken fingers, Lady Luck is definitely looking over his shoulder. At least, she's helping a little, as the pain transitions from his cradled hand to his throat as Flash uses the same boot to begin choking the life out of his opponent. Zach lands a weak low blow that completely backfires, because now his package is fair game for Flash to attack. And attack he does!

Flash is like a vicious, bloodthirsty animal for the rest of the match. Every submission move is made more painful by tugging and twisting Zach's hair or landing cheap shots. Flash's adrenaline shoots through the roof as he begins nailing Reno with power moves from gutbusters and running powerslams to powerbombs and suplexes. And if the ball claws weren't bad enough, Flash won't stop with the trash talk, proclaiming that if he is the King of Pain Palace, then he'll make Zach his Queen. That is, if Zach even makes it out of this match in one piece! A spectacular ring war between two hot alpha dogs.

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Flash LaCash vs. Zach Reno
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The title for "alpha" still open as Zach rains stomps down on his competition

Flash leaves himself wide open for Zach's onslaught

Flash hoists the shaggy-haired stud for a ring-shaking suplex

Zach's lean, luscious body bends beautifully in a bow-and-arrow

A triangle choke just may end Zach's quest for the "alpha" moniker

A big forearm knocks the spit out of Reno's mouth

Flash LaCash - 5'11, 200 lbs

Flash salivates over the suffering stud as he puts him out with a single-arm japanese stranglehold

Zach fights valiantly to prevent the LaCash figure four leglock variation

Flash grins like a madman as his powerful arm's crush the air from his smaller opponent's chest

A double-arm, backbending japstrangle, surfboard combinati

Fed up with LaCash's flashy barbs and bashing, Zach resorts to Dirty tactics and lands a lowblow

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