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  Jonny Firestorm vs. Vic Ferri vs. Christophe France

Jonny Firestorm - 5'5, 170 lbs

Jonny forms an alliance with twelve-pack Vic...

...and breaks it soon thereafter with a back-bending camel clutch!

Jonny double-bicep flexes and tramples thick Vic's glacier-carved midsection underfoot

Jonny throws everything he has into a big punch to bigger Christophe's gut

Doing what he does best, Jonny brings the bigger man down to his level with a wicked sleeper

Menace à Trois

Jonny Firestorm barges in on a match already in progress: Christophe France wrestling Vic Ferri, the two exhaustedly locked together collar and elbow, so closely matched that neither one is making headway against the other. Christophe has the height and leverage advantage, with an impressive knockout win in his BGE debut versus Darius. Wrecking-ball Vic is all brawn and tattoos. Their natural assets appear to cancel each other out.

Perhaps the most pugnacious guy who ever stepped foot in the BG East ring, Jonny is incapable of just sitting back and enjoying the show. He can't pass a fight without feeling the impulse to jump in, taking on all comers, letting the chips fall where they may.

Vic is holding Christophe in a full nelson when Jonny enters the ring. All that milky-white midsection on display is irresistible. It's like holding out raw hamburger meat to a hungry dog. Jonny drives thirteen stiff punches to the gut. On the last blow, Vic releases the hold, leaving Christophe swaying on his feet. Firestorm steps in and slaps Christophe across the mouth, daring him to do something about it. Christophe is ready to take up the challenge. A spooked Jonny hightails it for the ropes to escape his wrath. "We got off on the wrong foot," Jonny admits, desperate to smooth things over. Christophe looms closer, and Jonny cowers behind the ring post, tells the rangy Frenchman that he's "the boss's right-hand man," always ready to use his connections to save his hide.

He talks the wrestlers into putting on a gut-bash show especially for him. Eager to fight anyway they can, Vic and Christophe start trading blows back and forth. As powerful as Vic is, Christophe takes the best the rookie's got without flinching. Again, Jonny can't stop himself from joining the action. He offers advice on how to land a punch, liberally demonstrating his key points by backing France into a corner, blow by blow, each one more heated than the last. Clearly he's taken a dislike to Christophe, while fawning over Ferri and the man's impressive abs ("all twelve of them").

In no time Firestorm has created a real situation here. An enraged Christophe corners him and delivers a no-bullshit smackdown. Vic intervenes, pulling Christophe off of Jonny, and holding him in place as Jonny pummels him. Soon Firestorm and Ferri together are beating up France, sometimes together, sometimes taking turns, for close to seven minutes. In the end, Christophe is on his back in a corner, unable to move.

But our Jonny doesn't like sharing the limelight with anybody, and in no time he is assaulting Vic, proving (yet again) that his pro-ring prowess trumps gym-toned muscle. It's all about pain and humiliation for Jonny. He subjects the muscle rookie to four kinds of submission holds, strips him down to his red thong, and sleepers him right as Christophe is returning to consciousness. In wrestling, as in life, timing is everything!

Raise your hand if you see where this is heading. That's right. France and a recovering Ferri join forces to take Firestorm down in a thrilling fusillade of body blows, high and low. To say more would rob you of the joy of watching this long-awaited comeuppance unfold. With 18 minutes of match time remaining, anything can happen, with alliances shifting and tables turning every which way. A consummate ring performer, Jonny brings out the best in these two rookies in a match that counts as one of BG East's most intricate and tumultuous!

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Jonny Firestorm vs. Vic Ferri vs. Christophe France
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A bodyscissors holds Jonny in place for big elbow drop from big Christophe

Two are better than one: Jonny trapped in a head and bodyscissors simultaneously

Jonny in the director's chair as he teaches Vic the secrets to a perfect bodyscissor

An ever-resourceful Jonny cuts corners as he forces his victim to headscissor the hunky frenchman

A rope-bound Christophe gets a faceful of conquering Jonny's bully bicep

A back-bending headscissors leaves Christophe's crotch exposed to Jonny's claws

Vic Ferri - 5'9, 200 lbs

Christophe France - 6'3, 200 lbs

Big Vic's broad back bends in a brutal torture rack from BG's resident heel extraordinaire

Jonny's firestorm in danger of being extinguished as he's dragged by his hair into the ring

The two big boys work together to send the mouthy little pitbull flying across the ring

Realizing they share a mutual goal in Jonny's destruction, the big boys bump fists

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