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  Guido Genatto vs. Ty Alexander  

Ty Alexander - 5'7", 152 lbs

Employing the ropes, Guido wrecks the pretty boy's face with his ugly treads

How much can the little energizer bunny take?! Guido pendulum swings the boy's body above the mat

Guido wrecks and works the pink ranger's back and legs in a brutal backbreaking hold

A tree of woe, indeed! Guido's boot grinds Ty's bulge into oblivion

"Oh yea, you like those red trunks, huh?!" Guido gloats dominantly

"'Bring It On'? 'Bring It On'? You Stupid Little Fuck!"

Whom exactly did Ty Alexander piss off so badly that he wound up in the squared circle face to face with "Dirty Daddy" Guido Genatto? I mean, really. Did he shoot somebody's dog? Did he steal somebody's boyfriend? Did he sell defense secrets to an enemy state? Did he badly cross The Boss? I mean, just the sight of Ty's smooth, boylike physique in valentine pink trunks facing off against big, nasty, and dangerous Guido is like seeing a squirrel in a pit match against a goddamn grizzly. Ty puts on his best fight face for the confrontation, but a good fight face will not cut it against muscle and volatility like Genatto's.

"Bring it on, man," Ty says, adorably unconvincing as his burly opponent approaches the ring. "'Bring it on, man'?" Guido repeats. "Did you just call me 'man'?" He chuckles dismissively and climbs through the ropes. "What did you call me? You call me 'man'?" Ty doesn't back off but dares to get right in his face, saying, "Yeah, I said 'Bring it on.'"

Posthaste Guido lands a fist the size of a bowling ball on Ty's perfect jawline. "'Bring it on'? 'Bring it on'? You stupid little fuck!" Ty feels himself being tossed to the center of the ring, his arm wedged between two massive hairy thighs and locked against Guido's bulging crotch. A second later, Guido's boot is smashing the kid's one free hand.

"I'm gonna give you a good fuckin' look at your absolute total fuckin' destruction!" Past history tells us that this is no exaggeration. If BG East didn't already have a Demolition series, Guido Genatto's arrival at the company over two years ago would have made its invention necessary. Guido has chewed up pretty boys like Kip Sorell, Jake Jenkins, and Kirk Donahue and spit them out. Muscle brutes like Flash LaCash and others have fared only marginally better. Nobody exudes menace, testosterone, or domination like Guido.

Ty is best known as a the current king of liplocks in BGE's eroto-wrestling videos. To his credit, he doesn't seem as out of place in this ring as we might have expected. He's ring savvy. He suffers beautifully (and tirelessly) under Guido's merciless abuses.

Ty has been caught in the grip of other big brutes, most recently veteran Shane McCall and new big boy Beauxregard. His expressive face registers even slight variations in the degrees of his suffering. He is a perfect victim, and an appreciative one. Only the hard bulge pressing front and center in his pink trunks betrays his secret enjoyment of his torments.

Like the best bullies, Guido is a master of the small gestures and taunts that add sensuality to his savage acts. The positioning of Ty's head at his crotch early on in the match, for instance, is greeted by a slight upward thrust of the hips. "Oh yeah, you like those red trunks, huh?" Guido vulgarly barks out. Looking down at his own bulge he adds, "My fuckin' hot sausage looks good in these red trunks." He's fully aware of the game he's playing, like a true master of his craft: "I hope it feels as good for you as it does for me."

Next he chicken-wings Ty's arm, with the added touch of holding it with one arm while the other arm roughly shoves the victim's face in the opposite direction. Later, trapping Ty in a lotus lock, Guido casually props himself up on his elbows, looking down at the twitching body with an expression of grim satisfaction, baring his teeth for an added touch of intimidation. Surfboard locks, pendulum backbreakers, STFs, chinlocks, chokes, and ball-twisting, Guido has a full arsenal of hurts as he plays Ty like bagpipes and puts that sexy lean jobber bod on full display for our total delectation. Oh and, yeah, those red trunks are well worth remembering, too. A sexy and controversial match with glorious contrasts!

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Guido checks his work in the mirror with the wasted punk in a torture rack

Ty grovels on the mat as he screams and suffers splendidly in the wristlock

Guido fluffs his "fuckin' hot sausage" completely unbothered by the writhing jobber-stain

A powerful double-arm jap-strangle introduces Ty to newfound depths of pain

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Guido grinds a hole through the jobber's gut with a demolishing abdominal claw

Guido Genatto - 5'10, 235 lbs

Ty tortured in an over-the-knee backbreaker (though the bulge tells a different story!)

Guido calm and collected, Ty in a world of hurt with a devastating chickenwing, chinlock combo

Ty may have been working out, but it's not enough to free himself from the torturous full nelson

Ty suffers beautifully as the Dirty Daddy shreds his traps with a powerful claw

Big Guido looms over the broken jobberbitch...stick a fork in him...he's done!

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