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  Rio Garza vs. Christian Taylor

Rio Garza - 6', 190 lbs

A kneeling, reverse bearhug forces the air from the lean prettyboy's lungs

Christian has a heyday with the muscle stud as he ties the mouthwatering muscle up in knots

Christian's low blow brings Rio's rockin' bod to the mat hard and quick

Christian puts the physique model's pretty face in his sweaty pit with an inverted facelock

Christian grins with satisfaction as he turns Garza into a modern-day sleeping beauty

Silver and Bronze, Sculpted Perfection

Mat Hunks is the ideal series for Rio Garza. As far as physical specimens go, Rio is as perfect as they come. The word hunk may actually fall short when describing Rio. Flawless skin, beautiful face, and a perfectly proportioned body with muscles that would make a Greek statue jealous, he is the total package. From the moment he arrived on the BGE scene, he immediately captivated our viewers and secured legions of fans. It's no surprise that he's won BGE's fan poll for Best Body. He's also won Best Jobber, because so many of our wrestlers utilize their envy to give the Adonis some truly epic beatings!

And Rio's experience taking beatings may come in handy as he's facing the absolutely luscious Christian Taylor. Even though he's won BGE's coveted Top Babyface award, Christian has slowly but surely hardened his edge over time. He's also hardened his physique, his tall frame taut with muscle from head to foot. He's got an iron core, fantastic abs, and the sheer grit and determination to give the most seasoned vets pause.

It's almost a shame that these two drop-dead gorgeous hunks have to wrestle instead of simply marveling at each other's phenomenal looks. Thankfully, this match promises plenty of opportunities to display each wrestler's tight muscles as they are twisted and bent every which way, heating up the mats with buckets of sweat in the Florida sun room.

As the match begins, Rio is admiring himself in the mat room mirror. His shining silver trunks only amplify his magnificent package and molds itself like a second skin over his chiseled ass. Christian is being a little more practical, stretching his limbs, prepping for the fight to come. Any wrestler would be eager to start a match with Rio, so it's no surprise when Christian tries to speed things along. "You about done with that mirror yet?" Christian's bronze trunks highlight his own ample assets and show just how eager he is for the match to begin - a mat match between two magnificent beauties.

Coming together in the center of the mats, Christian's superior mat skills assert themselves as he pulls Rio down and close. Muscles bulge as limbs tangle, each hunk fighting for control. But Rio comes out on top, locking Taylor in a crushing bodyscissors between thighs the Man of Steel himself would envy. Pulling Christian up into a full nelson puts his taut abdomen on full display, even as it causes him to yell for release. But when Rio gets a little too cocky and puts on a little flexing show for Christian, it's time for a little sweet revenge!

Using his longer reach to his full advantage, Christian pulls Rio into a bow-and-arrow, stretching the Adonis to the max. It's an aggressive Christian Taylor here, out for victory. Not giving his opponent a chance to recover, Taylor straddles Garza in order to see just how solid those abs really are. With fantastic speed and precision, Christian starts some serious gut bashing, eliciting howls from poor Rio. But those muscles aren't just for show, as Rio locks his arms around Christian for a sexy seated bearhug!

These are two of BGE's most beautiful and seasoned wrestlers. They seem inspired by each other, as if they know they are creating wondrous kinetic art. It's no surprise, then, that they are each able to continually seize the upper-hand from the other. Every move these two amazing hunks apply to each other seems designed to not only snag a submission, but also put their beautiful and insanely defined bodies on full display for the viewer.

Crotch-splitting spladles display godly packages, schoolboy pins throw those packages into each others faces, and, unfortunately, (or perhaps fortunately depending on your predilection) those packages prove impossible to resist nailing with low-blows! But overshadowing all the pain and all the submission holds, their raw attractiveness blazes through like a million suns, a view that the viewer simply cannot turn away from no matter how brilliant! This is not just great wrestling, it's great art, not to be missed!

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Rio's ripped physique ripples with power as he works a side headlock on the lean stud

Rio's thick and gorgeous gams grind away at Christian's trim midsection

Lovely lean muscle looms supreme as Christian grinds his golden bulge in Rio's face

Christian's pecs are stretched taut as Rio presses his powerful offensive

Rio's muscle advantage made moot with a tight face-to-crotch headscissors

Rio's strength and offense fades and flags as the headscissors definitively drains him

Christian Taylor - 6'2 175 lbs

The two ridiculously ripped beauties size each other up on the mats of the Florida room

Ripped Rio desperately tries to flex his way free of a kneeling surfboard

Rio brings the lean punk's offensive to a halt with a rib crushing bodyscissors

Christian wrenches cries of pain from prettyboy Rio as he works a back-bending chinlock

A dominating double armbar grinds the model's award-winning physique into the mat

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