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  Fabrice vs. Payton Meadows

Fabrice - 6'1, 145 lbs

Payton attempts to intimidate his competition with a pre-match bicep flex

Fabrice's deceptively strong legs wrangle a cry from the bigger buff stud

Payton's perfect torso exposed to a torturous onslaught from his smaller foe

Payton throws up a double bicep flex as he sits back in a humbling schoolboy pin

Big Payton brought to his knees, sucking pit, his pecs exposed to the raining forearms

Newbie Delights

It's always exciting when a new wrestler enters the BGE compound, doubly so when two potential superstars debut together, which is why BGE is always on the lookout for new and exciting mouthwatering talent. Our never-ending scouting work takes us not only around the country, but all around the globe. Two potential superstars, one from France and one from Canada, are about to collide. When both guys are sporting phenomenal bodies and talking with extremely intoxicating accents, look out USA, because some insanely hot talent might be crossing the border more often!

Payton Meadows has the looks from top to bottom. Fantastic hair, a face that positively smolders with just the right amount of scruff, a broad chest with chiseled abs, and arms and legs that clearly show off his power. He's as handsome and as alluring as they come. And once his shorts come off, his undagear perfectly accentuates his Northern assets!

Not to remotely be outdone, French Fabrice completely owns the lean and lanky look. Taller than Payton and with less bulk, Fabrice is a blond bombshell whose clearly defined muscles shows off a rock-hard core with absolutely minimal body fat. The two wrestlers' bodies both compliment and contrast each other in a way that is simply breathtaking.

When the two international studs meet for the first time, it's clear they both like what they see. Inviting Fabrice over to feel his rock hard muscles, Payton moves through a number of poses that offer the viewer (and Fabrice) a perfect chance to get to know this new BGE hunk's body. With the sexual tension already buzzing, the two rookies face off in the center of the mat room, chest to chest, locking eyes, feeling each other out.

Payton makes the first move, lifting his lighter opponent with apparent ease and carrying him around the mat room. But Fabrice shouldn't be taken lightly, reversing the carry and ending atop Payton in a schoolboy pin, flexing over his muscled opponent.

It's abundantly clear from both men's smiles as they grapple on the mat that they are thoroughly enjoying themselves, thrusting their tight bodies against one another as they try to assert their dominance. It might seem like Payton has the advantage with his size, but Fabrice's lean muscles perfectly compliment his wiry nature, as he continually slips out of holds and catches his muscular opponent off-balance. Wrapping those long legs around Payton in a suspended bodyscissors, Fabrice seizes the advantage as his opponent succumbs and slowly sinks to the mat. It's incredibly hot and very sexy indeed.

Even through the pain, though, it's clear both studs are feeling the sexual tension. Both men are surprisingly evenly matched, neither holding the upper hand for long. And each hunk takes the opportunity in-between holds to work in some muscle worship for their opponent. Payton even takes a moment to show off how tough his abs are, as he flexes them for Fabrice and invites him to take some free shots. It's a perfect opportunity that Fabrice doesn't waste, surprising Payton with how effective his blows are. With Payton actually reeling from the blows, Fabrice gets him down to the mat to get in some serious gut bashing capped off with an incredibly painful ab claw!

This match has everything one looks for in a BGE match! Two brand new, incredibly sexy wrestlers eager to please. Bearhugs that alternate between pain and pleasure, as the receiver can't help but to feel up the muscles crushing them. Posing, flexing, stripping, and worshiping. A sensual undercurrent throughout the entire match that is absolutely electric. Crotch-splitting spladles that clearly show off their International packages! And the outcome of the match is truly unpredictable, and will leave you glued to the screen until the very end. Welcome to BG East boys, hope you survive the experience!

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Fabrice vs. Payton Meadows
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Payton takes a moment to admire his own physique as he sits atop the smaller stud

Fabrice clutches at his groin as it's stretched torturously wide

Payton's pecs ripple as he wrenches the smaller boy's legs apart

Fabrice flexes dominantly over his grovelling, beaten, bigger, buffer opponent

Payton tries to power his perfect physique free of the tightly-held bodyscissors

Fabrice's flexed thighs try to grind the musclestud's midsection into mush

Payton Meadows - 5'9, 175 lbs

Fabrice cops an enviable feel of Payton's pumped, power-packed pecs

Still clad in shorts, Payton works over the pretty boy with a tight bodyscissors

Payton's pretty abs are put to the test with a deep-digging double ab claw

Payton tries to free himself from the smaller stud's tight reverse bearhug

The pretty boy plays dirty as he snags a handful of Payton's package

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