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  Ben Monaco vs. Fabrice

Ben Monaco: 5'10, 190

Fabrice's big bicep flex puts the fellow Canuck on notice

Ben's back bends perilously over the point of Fabrice's knee, his pecs exposed to a big forearm

Monaco's wagging tongue put to good use, worshipping the Frenchman's thick bicep

Fabrice claims the first fall and strips the bigger Ben of his warrior-red singlet

The lean Frenchman brings the bigger boy down into obedient worship of superior muscle

Erotic Wrestling with French Fashion

Canadian BGE star Ben Monaco has a taste for all things French. French food. French kissing. And nothing warms the beefy Canuck's heart quite like a sexy, lean wrestler with a sultry French accent. Ordering right off the menu, ohh la la sexy Fabrice was more than eager to accept Ben's erotic wrestling challenge.

Ben is pumping up his beefy muscles doing push ups when the ultra lean, super fit French stud walks in barely wearing skimpy green tights that don't quite cover even half of his sweet derriere. The instant sexual attraction is palpable and mutual. They take turns flexing for one another, inviting one another to size up the competition with a crotch-twitching hands-on approach. Ignoring the tights, Fabrice palms Big Ben's upper arms, soaking in the sight and feel of the Canuck's brawny biceps. When it's Fabrice's turn to flash a double bicep pose, magnificent, smooth peaks seem to pop up out of nowhere on the French stud's lean physique, demanding to admired. Slack jawed, Big Ben obeys.

The sexy Frenchman proposes to start things off with an arm wrestling contest. They stretch out on the mats and lock wrists. Fabrice's stealth peak pops out again magnificently as they bear down on each other, but slowly, surely, Ben takes him over the top. Before Ben can celebrate, whether on impulse or by design, Fabrice suddenly dives onto his opponent's back and snaps his long, ripped thighs bulging in those tights around the Canuck's head. Flexing wave after wave, power pulsing down the entire length of the French hunk's barely covered physique, Fabrice stunningly paralyzes the wrestling veteran with sheer, skull crushing power.

The randy rookie doesn't wait for a submission. He just punishes his beefy opponent until Ben stops fighting it, and then orders the dazed Canuck to worship his lovely body. Not that Ben needs a lot of coaxing. His hands seem magnetically attracted to study every inch of Fabrice's fabrics and his muscles. "Lick it," the Frenchman demands, shoving his peaked bicep into his opponent's awed face. "Lick it!"

The battle is as much with self-control as it is with each other. Both wrestlers are clearly turned on by the friction and fight. They both lapse into lustful muscle worship, forgetting for long moments that this is a wrestling match, until they leave themselves too vulnerable for another crushing attack. The aching desire to strip each other's gear off becomes sport all its own, but it's Fabrice who successfully rips Ben's red singlet off first, leaving him just barely contained in a tiny but bulging red thong. Hungrily, Ben returns the favor, removing Fabrice's supertight tights to reveal a minuscule blue thong that's persistently unable to contain the Frenchman's package.

Back and forth the battle is waged between giving in to erotic desire or demanding to determine which wrestler will come out on top. The rookie pulls out a shocking dragon sleeper and spine wrenching camel clutch to make Big Ben submit. The Canuck's crushing bearhugs make the handsome rookie arch in exquisite agony, begging for mercy. They hold out long enough for just one overheated hunk to squeeze out a final thonged crotch-to-face headscissor submission before the victor claims his final prize: a fully submissive, completely obedient, muscle worship session from his defeated, nearly stripped foe.

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Ben Monaco vs. Fabrice
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Ben pours on the pressure and elevates Fabrice in a backbreaking bearhug

"Lick it!!" Fabrice flexes a surprisingly big bicep in Ben's face

Big Ben battles back with a vicious rear-naked choke

Ben lost in worship of the fit Frenchy's sexy bod, feeling up his ass as he savors the bicep

The thick thighs of Monaco snap tightly in a humbling crotch-to-face headscissors

Fabrice smirks down his own lean length as Monaco's face turns red in the vice-like headscissors

Fabrice: 6'1, 145

Ben's size advantage on display as his opponent cops an admiring feel of the thick bi's

The longer, leaner legs of the Frenchman lock tightly around Ben's skull in a reverse headscissors

Monaco exposes the goods as he frees his foe of his tights

Mouthwatering abs crunch tantalizingly as lean quads work a headscissor mercilessly

The lean, fit Frenchman flexes victoriously over his beefy foe in a schoolboy pin

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