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  Lauden Sevior vs. Lorenzo 'Jake' Lowe  

Lauden Sevior: 5'8, 128

Lauden's screams silenced as he bulges in a groin-stretching, back-bending, spladle variation

A vice-like ball claw/headscissor combo has Lauden Sevior praying for release

Jake's lean quads crush Lauden's trachea in a crotch-splitting spladle, headscissor combination

Lauden's luscious ass swallows his singlet as his opponent seizes control from underneath

Heel-humbled? Scruffy Jake gagged with his own gear by his smaller opponent

A Special Assignment from the Boss

What did lovely little long-haired Lauden Sevior do to Kid Leopard?! "The Boss sent me to kick your ass," dangerous company boy Lorenzo "Jake" Lowe announces upon finding Lauden in the mat room. "So it's time we put you in your place." However, how low does the Boss need Jake to go? The lithe, limber long-haired young Latino babyface already took two of the most vicious mat maulings on record in his only other BG East appearances to date. He's been utterly destroyed, completely outmatched by every opponent. His current place is looking like a simpering jobber that no one could mistake for a serious competitor. But with his skin-tight silvery singlet with bright turquoise piping, perhaps he thinks he can distract his hungry opponent.

Jake, on the other hand, has been precariously placed near the inner circle of BG East's movers and shakers for years. The lightweight mat specialist has been nearly unbeatable, looking like a bad ass heel with a sensational bubble butt. Receiving this assignment directly from the Boss, he wears an audacious, Kid Leopard-approved leopard print singlet, no less, suggests Lorenzo's days of almost getting to sit at the adult table may be over.

Indeed, when the action starts, Jake maneuvers the sexy singlet-clad, long-haired beauty to his back, stretching him open wide in a guillotine and threatening him with an immediate 3-count pin fall barely 3 seconds into the match! But boyishly beautiful Lauden appears to have dared step foot on the mats again only after deciding he's through with being the Boss' whipping boy. With a grunt and an explosion of power packed into his lean body, Lauden tosses Lorenzo off of him and cranks on a stunning side headlock that stops the assassin in his tracks.

The wrestling goes down raw with a seriously bitter aftertaste. The scramble for dominance is a blur throughout most of the match, which is a distinct change of pace for normally dominant Jake as well as typically outmatched Lauden. The Boss' boy crawls on top of a schoolboy pin, pivoting his hips forward for a humiliating cock pin. In a flurry of lean limbs, Lauden escapes and instantly snags his opponent's ankles for a confidently executed Boston crab that, shockingly, makes the mat expert pound the mat in submission.

As always, those thick, long locks on Lauden serve only as a means to torture the beautiful boy. Jake drags him across the mat by his hair, and kneels on the extravagant tresses to pin the frustrated Latino beauty to his back. Jake is finally first to rip his opponent's gray singlet off, revealing a tiny blue thong underneath. "Now, that's a nice ass!" Jake acknowledges, giving Lauden's bare buns a studied, honest appraisal. Moments later, Lauden returns the favor for his distracted opponent, stripping Jake to a tiny leopard print thong and using the mat expert's own singlet to choke him.

The pace is frenzied, frantic even, as submissions are traded back and forth at a blistering speed. Somewhere along the way, sprinkled in between the obvious hard feelings and bruised egos, the unmistakable truth rises to the surface. Both of these lightweight beauties are completely turned on. Jake grinds his growing package into Lauden's face in an intimate schoolboy pin. "You're going to worship it," the Boss' boy promises breathlessly. Fortunes turn on a dime, and moments later Lauden is spanking his opponent's thonged ass beet red and seductively licking 'Lorenzo's armpit.

The final count of submissions and pin falls officially hands the match victory to just one of these lightweight t-backed brawlers. But as the ultimate winner drags his vanquished foe from the mat, he promises to present his bared-butt trophy to the Boss for final approval, suggesting the real winner here is Kid Leopard. And you.

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Face-down, ass-up that's the way we... Heel-wannabe's jiggling buns exposed to a stinging slap

Defeated, dejected Lauden kneels and nuzzles the thick, packed Leopard-pouch

Jake snarls and works a seated armbar whilst ripping at Lauden's crotch

Sevior pays penance for impertinence as he suckles Jake's face-eclipsing bicep

Jake lays claim to the wasted Latino with a possessive, lusting liplock

The Boss's sexy servant wants to drag his foe from the mats by a handful of hair

Lorenzo 'Jake' Lowe: 5'5, 134

Jake's leanly muscled arms crush the air from his prettyboy foe in a strength-sapping bearhug

Two lean, lithe, lovely Latinos fight for dominance in a sensual singlet scissor smackdown

Lauden smashes the scruffy prettyboy's mug into the mats

A gear-garroted, reverse schoolboy puts Lorenzo back on top where he belongs

Jake flexes over his nearly wasted foe in a humiliating, teabagging schoolboy

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