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  Biff Farrell vs. Masked Menace

Biff Farrell: 5'7, 187

The smaller masked man snarls menacingly and digs his claws deep into the beefy pecs

The masked bully butterflies the blond beefcake's thighs wide open

Biff's spine creaks painfully in a flexing camel clutch variation

A kneeling abstretch, bow-and-arrow combination puts the strain on the beefcake's humpy bod

A humbling, flexing schoolboy from the older masked stud on the younger jockboy

Sweat, Blond and Blue-Eyed Tears

Biff Farrell's sole taste of victory thus far in his young career has been facing down fresh meat on the BG East mats against sultry gym bunny Van Skyler in Ripped Rookies 2. Hungry for another taste of victory, the bulging, beautiful babyface requested another mat match to remind fans that he's not content to be every heel's favorite ring punching bag. Squeezing his magnificent muscles into a star spangled singlet, big Biff's bulging pecs bounce eagerly as he jogs in place, anxiously waiting for his opponent to arrive.

It's understandable that Biff would sense an easy win when taking a look at the tale of the tape against Masked Menace. The blond muscle boy is younger, taller, and heavier, and his masked opponent has yet to make his first appearance in mat wrestling at BG East. What Biff doesn't know, however, could very well hurt him. A lot. While new to BG East, Masked Menace is well known in underground wrestling circles for his devastating wrestling technique and his lustful passion for taking full possession of beefy blond boys like big, buff Biff.

Biff can't quite believe his eyes when his masked opponent flexes in his face. With biceps nearly twice the size, Biff flashes his gargantuan peaks. The ensuing posedown is a study in contrasts, smooth versus hairy, aesthetics versus function. Dwarfed by his smirking opponent, Masked Menace abruptly shoves Biff in the chest to get down to wrestling.

Ambitious young Biff has never been collared and heeled quite like Masked Menace manages in the opening minutes of this relentlessly paced demonstration of mat mastery. The masked veteran constricts and slides around Biff's bulging body like a boa constrictor, smoothly transitioning from headlocks into armbars and body scissors into sleepers. Mounting Biff's fan favorite bubble butt, Masked Menace repeatedly pounds his hips hard into the young star's muscled glutes. A body scissors/dragon sleeper combination puts the frustrated muscle hunk into serious jeopardy, and Biff's panicked first fall submission is muffled with his mouth smothered in his opponent's armpit.

There are precious few breaks in the action, as Masked Menace attacks relentlessly. Biff doesn't quite know which end is up about the time that his swarming opponent perches between his legs and wrenches the muscle boy's knees open wide. Suddenly raining down piercing punches to the young hunk's vulnerable inner thighs, Masked Menace looks like he's ready to get off on bringing tears to Biff's baby blue eyes.

It's the punching that seems to raise Biff's ire. Finally leveraging all his muscles to their proper advantage, he snaps on a neck wrenching full nelson and milks the masked man's agony long and hard. "This is what we call a wrestling match," Biff snarls furiously. "No hitting!" A massive muscle bulging bearhug sucks the life out of the now-sagging masked heel. Biff is riding high and gloatingly in charge as the sweat flies off both of them in the spin cycle. The fates are bending Biff's way, right up until the moment the masked heel locks on a breath-stealing ball claw.

Neither wrestler was expecting this match to veer into the all out brawl it becomes. Magnificent muscle and raw ambition face down underground wrestling experience and a taste for blue-eyed tears, and submissions turn more and more humiliating at every turn. Biff is stripped to his signature skimpy American flag briefs, but the intense action sprints ahead through screams, tears and terrorized agony. Just one determined wrestler walks out with his head high and reputation significantly enhanced. But is it blond ambition or the underground heel?

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All the luscious, mouthwatering muscle of Biff stretches out, helplessly trapped by the muscle stud

A fishhooking chinlock/bodyscissor variation spells trouble for our hunky hero

Menace works a tight, reverse headscissor and forces an arch in his opponent's spine

A modified cobra clutch brings all that bulging beautiful muscle to mush

Biff bulges as his back bends beautifully in an over-the-knee backbreaker

A suspended crotch to face headscissor has Biff withering and sucking crotch

Masked Menace: 5'6, 155

Biff's big biceps crush the air from the masked heel in a bearhug

Biff wrenches the masked wrestler's arms high and tight in a neck-cranking full nelson

Menace brings down the muscled stud and chokes him hard with his own singlet

The masked heel adds insult to injury with a ball-grabbing single leg boston

Big beautiful Biff's muscles in repose as the conqueror flexes with the stripped singlet

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