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  Chris Xaos vs. Mike Martin

Chris Xaos: 6'1, 170 lbs

Chris gleefully works a headlock on the doubled up vet

Martin muscles Xaos's long body out in a punishing stretch hold whilst copping a feel

Chris's cries of pain silenced by Mike, lest the guests upstairs eavesdrop

Chris perches proudly as he pulls the champs' face into his swollen crotch

Fading with finality? Martin's tight sleeper gets Chris ready for a finish

Brutal, Beautiful, and Thoroughly British

Chris Xaos and Mike Martin have been circling one another for years. Both men's reputations precede them in London's underground wrestling scene. Mike is a phenomenal fan favorite, known for his sensational pairing of merciless brutality and savage sensuality. His dominating strength and command of the wrestling mat belie his size. He's buttoned up and ground into opponents much bigger than he is, so a victory over Mike Martin is just about the most elusive brass ring in London.

Half a foot taller and over a stone and a half heavier than Mike, Chris is eager to reach out and grab that ring with both hands. He has had his eye on Mike's daunting reputation for a while, knowing that to be best you have to beat the best. But Chris was savvy enough to work his way up to issuing a challenge to the vicious veteran. The young, lean hunk has been battling it out among the rank and file, building his resume, taking knocks and taking notes to refine his raw talent and bulging ambition. By the time these two finally decided to have at it in the gym of a motel Mike has access to, you could cut the erotic tension with a knife.

The action is instantly intense and intimate. The scramble is raw and blunt, with the veteran taking the initiative and systematically maneuvering the big youngster into a cradle before slapping Chris' legendary bubble butt. When the young challenger muscles free, Mike is a half step ahead of him, snapping on headscissors and wrenching hard on a nasty armbar. Chris groans and gasps as the tendons in his elbow quiver under the tension.

"Are you okay there," Mike suddenly asks like a proper British gentleman. "I... I've been more... comfortable," Chris politely responds through gritted teeth.

Both men bring everything and the kitchen sink to this potential passing of the UK underground wrestling baton. Even as Mike crushes his ribs in sensationally tight scissors, Chris muscles his way off the mat, up to his feet, and scoops the stunned veteran into a breathtaking bearhug. The towering challenger grins ear to ear as crushing power pulses in waves through Mike's torso, slamming him into the wall and pinning him there suspended off the ground.

The submissions come fast and furious, each one more vicious than the last. Chris leans back and licks his lips, feeling his opponent's head crushed between his thighs until the veteran taps out in a panic. Moments later, Mike's wrenching leg lock and surfboard combination make Chris wail out a wounded submission of his own. "That's a shame," Mike smirks, "I was enjoying that one."

Moments of shocking tenderness punctuate the barrage of shoot wrestling brutality. Swelling with excitement, Chris scoops up and almost gently puts the hot veteran to the mat, climbing into a schoolboy pin and mussing Mike's hair playfully. When Chris suddenly reaches down and tenderly grabs hold of his opponent's obvious arousal, a deeply delighted smile stretches across his handsome face. "Well, look at this!"

A decisive sleeper finally finishes off one of these gritty studs, determining once and for all whose legendary ambition and libido-driven wrestling reign supreme. But being awakened with your opponent's tongue down your throat is quite a consolation prize! From start to finish, it's brutal and beautiful and thoroughly British.

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