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  Nate Walsh vs. Lon Dumont

Nate Walsh: 5'8, 165 lbs

Lon lays down the law for newbie 'Norman' on the chopping block in his inaugural Pec Bash bout

Lon digs his knee into Nate's spine with a surfboard

Nate cries out in agonised helplessness as Lon shreds his pecs with another wicked claw

Lon works a powerful pec claw on his schoolboyed opponent

Lon sinks his fangs into Nate's thick pec meat

A Painful, Pec-Punishing Prequel

Welcome, BGE fans, to the spectacular and heretofore untold tale of Nate Walsh's inglorious and oh-so-painful debut into the the world of BGE wrestling! In the instantly memorable Tag Team Torture 17 (a 'Best of 2014' award recipient), Lon Dumont saddled rookie Zach Reno with a 'perfect tag partner,' one 'Nate' Walsh. Lon then went on to crush them both in epic fashion as he himself partnered with giant Brute Baynard. Here, in this prequel, we discover how Lon broke in poor Nate before 'gifting' him to Zach like a sad little puppy. Originally all Lon had wanted to do was get to the heart of what makes Nate tick. Unfortunately for Nate, to get to that heart, Lon had to rip through Nate's deliciously meaty pecs!

As the match opens, rookie Nate is stretching and flexing his solidly ripped body in the ring, with just a hint of the jitters many a wrestler has felt upon their entrance into the world of BGE wrestling. Ever-chatty Lon Dumont literally announces himself to the ring, and scopes out his opponent, offering a friendly handshake and asks for his opponent's name. "They call me Norman." That's right, BGE fans. Nate Walsh wasn't always Nate Walsh! This stunningly painful initiation, handed out by Lon Dumont, is soon to leave new Norman so humiliated and devastated that he literally leaves his name behind! But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

After putting the studly and nervous newbie somewhat at ease with his big personality and chatty banter, Lon finds future 'Nate' has a defiant streak. First, 'Norman' refuses to admit that the Japanese purity tattoo adorning his left pec was a bad decision; then, when Lon declines a posedown, Norman has the gall to taunt, "can't compete with these legs!" To Lon Dumont! Lon does make a point of admiring the rookie's muscular legs now, asking him to flex, and turn... and then driving a shoulder into the back of his knee! Lon now harasses Nate around the ring with eye rakes, stomps and kicks, making sure to give a lot of attention to those thighs of which the musclepup was so proud.

Thrown chest-first into a corner, rookie Nate gets battered by our sadistic, self-amused heel, who homes in on the offending chest tattoo with slaps, chops and forearm smashes. When Nate finally staggers from the corner and falls to the mat, Lon follows and clamps on the first of many pec claws that squeeze and twist the muscle under "that mistake of a tattoo!" Lon uses every dirty trick to keep 'Norman' reeling, raking his face and even choking him on the ropes as he tells him, "Lonny Dumont is a fair guy, Norman!" Sure, the newcomer remains verbally defiant, claiming "it's not over yet" after one particularly vicious claw has Lon punishing the same pec with both hands. Norman's writhing and screaming paint a different picture.

Lon heaps every torture he can think of on the rookie, trash-talking along the way. An armbar while Nate's on his knees has the stud arched back and screaming, every beautiful muscle in high relief as Lon repeatedly claws and pounds that meaty chest with his free hand. After letting the rookie go, Lon pulls him right back up for more, locking him in a reverse facelock, exposing his chest for yet more squeezing and pounding... and even biting. As Lon sinks in his teeth, poor 'Norman' screams out, "He's biting me!" However, this only invites more derision and more vicious punishment from Lon, long used to no refs and certainly, no rules.

Seeming not to care anymore, Nate begins to taunt Lon back, needling the heel about his supposedly distant mother and riling him up, more and more. Lon amps up his barrage of abuse, pounding the rookie from pillar to post, yet 'Norman' persists. He seems to beg for more abuse as he mocks his tormentor. And perhaps our muscled Norman is your normal masochist after all? And Lon delivers, reddening Nate's pecs and eliciting waves of screams as he works the stud in the ropes, mounts him for more pec abuse on the mat, delivering exquisite pec pain that leaves his rookie opponent a knocked-out, red-chested lunk lying in the ring... Whether it was out of sheer humiliation in his destruction in this muscle squash, or because Lon decided to punish him further by enslaving him with a new name altogether, the name 'Norman' disappeared and Nate Walsh was born.

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Nate Walsh vs. Lon Dumont
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Lon stretches Nate's lean, luscious bod out in the corner for a forearm bash

A vicious face claw grinds a thrashing Nate into oblivion

Former Norman looks about ready to submit as he's taken down with a rear-naked choke

Nate dangles helplessly from the ropes as Lon works a simultaneous fishook and pec claw

Lon lays into Nate's chest with stomp after stomp

A kiss-of-death may spell the end for the bodybuilder's blindsided challenger

Lon Dumont: 5'7, 150 lbs and not an ounce of fat

A torturous pec claw brings Nate up on his toes

Nate helpless as Lon restrains his arms and punishes his pecs from behind

Lon breaks down the bald buff stud's pecs one at a time with alternating claws to his pectorals

Lon traps and fishhooks his outmatched, muscled foe in the ropes

Nate's lean bod stretched out in the ropes as Lon lays waste to Nate's muscled chest

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