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  Fabrice vs. Hawk Rodman  

Hawk Rodman: 5'9, 155

Hawk sizes up the competition as he cops a feel of Fabrice's merchandise

Long, lean Fabrice stretched out painfully in a tight camel clutch

Fabrice looks to put an end to the competition with a tightly held sleeperhold

Fabrice plays dirty with a barefoot stomp to his opponent's nuts

Fabrice caught with his pants down in a blatant ball grab

Heel Dreams and Rookie Realities

In his first two matches, Hawk Rodman demonstrated that he is fearless and fierce. The athletic brawler unquestionably possesses a lot more passion than experience, but the tough little rookie has proven he can take every ounce of brutal wrestling punishment as well as he can dish it out. He's been unambiguous about telegraphing his career goals, namely, establishing himself as a top BG East erotic wrestling heel. He's put on a more muscle mass since his debut, and the next step on his journey to heel ascendency places him on a collision course with super lightweight rookie Fabrice.

Fabrice is even greener than Hawk, but the French phenom has scored some stunning upsets against much bigger opponents in his brief wrestling career to date. Long and lanky, the blond beauty's ultra lean frame is deceptively powerful. His first couple of opponents learned the hard way that Fabrice's incredibly long wiry legs and arms are stunningly strong. With heel aspirations of his own, the French fighter has also shown open enthusiasm for doing whatever it takes to tear an opponent to pieces, typically starting with the "testicules." Both of these ambitious young beauties are waiting for the breakout match to establish their heel credentials, but only one of them will emerge from this confrontation with bragging rights intact.

You can't miss the instant lust in the air as they first catch sight of one another. Fabrice's luscious ass, strategically, cannot be entirely covered by his extra small pair of slinky tights. Packed into his classic wrestling singlet, Hawk treats himself to a slow lap around his continental opponent, soaking in the sight of Fabrice's slighter but still stunning physique. He cops a feel of the Frenchman's baseball biceps. It's not like Hawk needs any more motivation to conquer and lay claim to his smirking opponent, but just the anticipation of taking full possession of Fabrice's gorgeous body makes his pouch swell.

The action is rough, with a raw edge that only fresh-faced rookies with heel aspirations can produce. Fists fly as they twist and roll across the mat, jockeying for advantage. Both convinced of their heel destinies, neither ambitious hunk willingly gives an inch. The action is point and counterpoint. Fabrice milks out a flush-faced, screaming submission with his notorious bodyscissors, only to get submitted minutes later locked up nice and snug between Hawk's crushing thighs. Fabrice takes his opponent's breath away with a vicious bearhug, pounding their crotches together in order to let Hawk know that he's noticed the effect his hot body is having on him. Minutes later, Hawk locks on reverse bearhug revenge, pounding his pouch into the Frenchman's gorgeous ass squeezed halfway out of his tights.

Open lust and bold ambition hurtle these two brawlers into vicious crotch attacks. Fabrice breaks a sleeper with a reach around ball claw that brings Hawk to his knees with tears in his eyes. In the battle to prove whose blows are lowest, Hawk returns the favor, clamping onto the Frenchman and not letting go until the blond beauty weeps out a squealing submission.

Back and forth, the actions turns more vicious as the gear gets stripped and submission tallies add up. The advantage teeters on a razors edge to the very end, until one hunk's heel aspirations are literally crushed underfoot. Ambition is put on hold as his ass is mounted, and he's forced to obediently worship the victor's bicep shoved in his face. One man's dreams come true as he beats another man's dreams into slack jawed submission.

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Fabrice vs. Hawk Rodman
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Fabrice shows off his peaked biceps and ripped abs as he controls his admiring foe with a bodyscisso

Fabrice doubled over in agony as Hawk drives his fist right through his ripped midsection

Fabrice gazes down the length of his headscissored victim's sweaty suffering bod

Humbled in a camel clutch as Fabrice is garroted with his own tights

Hawk soothes his sore neck as Fabrice grinds his ass

A little forced bicep worship for the weakened, downed man

Fabrice: 6'1, 145

Hawk works his bulge against Fabrice's ass in a humping reverse bearhug

Fabrice tries to work his slim, toned midsection free of Hawk's crushing bodyscissors

Hawk lords over Fabrice with a cocky, crotch to face smothering schoolboy pin

Hawk locks on a tight sleeperhold as Fabrice thrashes helplessly

A standing headscissor, double armbar combo puts Fabrice in the driver's seat

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