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  Austin Cooper vs. Kerry Cunningham  

Kerry Cunningham: 6'2, 205

Kerry sobs as his spine is fucked in a crippling camel clutch

Dr. Coop rains a big forearm down onto Kerry's stretched and shredded midsection

Kerry's big body bends in an over the knee backbreaker

Big Beefy Coop looms threateningly over the grounded newbie

Bubble butt Coop fireman carries Kerry off of the mats for some backroom antics

"What is WRONG with you!?"

Austin Cooper is on a mission to revolutionize the world of underground wrestling. The All-American amateur wrestler has blossomed into one of the most dominant, devastating pro wrestling muscle heels. Lately, Austin has returned to his roots in mat wrestling, pairing championship amateur speed and skill with every sadistic, boundary-blurring means of depravity and torture that he has perfected in the pro ring. The combination is a unique mix of pro style mat mayhem that only someone with Austin's breadth of experience and magnificent physical assets could master. To be honest, potential opponents are making themselves scarce when it comes to booking a mat match with him lately. Coop's reputation, and his ever-increasing muscle mass, have resulted in several wrestlers calling in "sick," rather than face the wrecking ball.

Young Kerry Cunningham, however, is not easily intimidated. The tall, handsome blond beefcake has always been the bully, not the one getting bullied. His long limbs and farm boy muscles made him a serious contender in his competitive amateur wrestling days. And he's as loud and cocky as they come. Kerry's heard of Austin's reputation, and he can think of no better way to announce his presence at BG East than to score the biggest upset in the history of homoerotic wrestling.

"Austin Cooper!" Kerry barks loudly as he enters the mat room. "Who told you that you could come in here and wrestle on my mat?!" In a blue and pink singlet, the tall rookie towers over Austin. The veteran has heard it all before. The bluster, the swagger, and every ham-fisted play at psyching out an opponent. He assesses the new kid in an instant, and he's marginally impressed with everything he sees. Except for one thing. "Those pink shoes are ugly as hell!" Coop sneers. "That's not what your mom said last night!" Kerry snaps back impetuously.

For the benefit of future opponents, note that Austin does not take momma jokes well. His attack on the rookie is lightning quick and devastatingly precise. A single leg take down drops all of the rookie's height advantage flat on his back, and Austin exploits the advantage by muscling the loud mouthed pretty boy into a near pin cradle. Kerry is every ounce as strong as he looks, though. With a violent burst of power, the rookie muscles free, literally tossing Austin like a practice dummy to the other end of the mat.

If it were a straight up amateur wrestling match, this could easily end in a draw. Both hunks are fast and furious with classic holds, counter moves and reversals. The cocky rookie is holding his own better than most against Coop. Until the veteran rolls the kid into a shocked Boston crab and threatens to snap his spine. "You don't know much about this pro shit, huh?" Austin taunts. "This isn't wrestling!" Kerry whines like bitch.

As the price for being the first to submit, Kerry concedes to Austin's demand to remove his distracting pink footwear. "That's fine," the rookie snarls, "I'll beat you without them." With his back turned, Austin attacks, ripping the shoes off and pounding the shocked rookie with them. "That's fine," Coop sneers, "I'll beat you with them!"

Austin brews that intoxicating concoction of pro style mat wrestling to perfection. Big, brash, beautiful Kerry Cunningham gets schooled by the best. Submissions and pins slowly lose all meaning, as the veteran digs deep into his bag of dirty tricks, ripping the rookie's singlet off and terrorizing the kid relentlessly. The loud mouthed bully starts begging and pleading for mercy. "What is WRONG with you!?" Kerry gasps as Austin's sadistic styling begins to make the rookie question his career goals. But Coop fans know the answer to that question. There's nothing at all wrong with the beauty, power, and wrestling perfection of Austin Cooper!

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Coop lifts Kerry off the mats in a backbreaking bearhug

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