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  Blaine Janus vs. Lenny Lamsen

Blaine Janus: 5'8, 155

Lenny clamps his thighs tight round the vet with a tight bodyscissors

Blaine, never shy about using any means necessary, claws the newbie's balls

Blaine held aloft and in trouble as he's set up for a backbreaker

A reverse bearhug drains the life from the mat veteran

Lenny claims a fall in his debut as he flexes dominantly over the crotch-sucking vet

"Don't worry, I'll be a good master..."

Making his BG East debut, Lenny Lemsen is an imposing figure as he flexes his gargantuan muscles before his first match. He's solid beef, with a neck as thick as his head and shoulders so wide he has to turn sideways to walk through doorways. Suction packed inside a baby blue singlet, Lenny is low to the ground, strong as an ox, and beautifully balanced, making him an instant threat on the mats. Lenny's friends call him "Tank" because he's impenetrable, unstoppable, and built for inflicting maximum damage. Blaine Janus, however, just calls him meat.

Blaine picked Lenny's photo out of a stack of BG East applications on the Boss' desk. The veteran's unique mix of open lust and fierce competitiveness have made Blaine a perennial fan favorite. He's been asking for bigger trophies and more challenging conquests to seduce, defeat and devour. The Boss half-heartedly tried to wave Blaine away from the setting his sights on breaking in powerhouse Lenny. The rookie is entirely untested against Blaine's style of openly erotic offense, and giving away that much raw size and strength made the Boss wonder if Blaine was biting off a whole lot more than he could chew. The warnings merely made Blaine that much more stubbornly determined to get his hands all over Lenny, which, knowing the Boss, was probably his intention all along.

"Are you serious?" Lenny balks as Blaine strolls into the mat room. "You think you can take me?" the rookie asks with a smirk. He flexes his massive biceps and waits for Blaine to quiver in fear. "I don't like to get too cocky, myself," Blaine feigns humility, far from quivering. "I wouldn't either, if I looked like you," Lenny taunts with contempt.

Blaine's opening strike is unpredictable and lightning fast, ratcheting Lenny's gargantuan right arm into a hammerlock and locking a sleeper hold across the rookie's throat. When the muscled beast starts bucking, Blaine hops onto that incredibly wide back and rides him hard, the sleeper quickly making Lenny's bald head flush dark red. Lenny is more than capable of muscling his way out of one hold after another, but Blaine is two steps ahead of him at every turn. Blaine seems to be losing battle after battle, but as Lenny starts to puff like a steam engine and grow soaked with his own sweat, Blaine's long game comes into focus. He's wearing the big man down, inch by inch.

Blaine's chess match comes to a screeching halt the moment that Lenny locks his steel cabled arms around him and hoists him high up off his feet in a crushing bearhug. All it takes is a little momentum behind a juggernaut like Lenny, and the wily veteran finds himself manhandled and mauled, nearly broken in half by three spine snapping over-the-knee backbreakers that leave Blaine crawling for the door.

Don't count either of these tenacious wrestlers out too soon, though. The stakes change mid-match, once both sweat soaked battlers are stripped to jock straps. Blaine's vice grip on Lenny's manhood cuts the charging beast down to size, and the veteran's lips roaming across the rookie's muscled landscape tosses the Tank into the deep end of the erotic wrestling pool. In a stunning finale that no one saw coming, one inspired wrestler puts his opponent out cold with a kiss of death, in order to hogtie his prize and smother him with even more intimate muscle worship kisses. Fans of bullies and brawlers and blindsided seduction, get ready to tuck in, because this feast is served sizzling hot!

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Blaine Janus vs. Lenny Lamsen
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Blaine leaps on Lenny's back and rides him down with a rear naked choke

Lenny arches painfully over Blaine's knee as he sinks on an inverted headlock

Lenny pushes helplessly as his opponent works his nuts over maliciously

Lenny finally finds his sea legs as he brutally bends Blaine in an over-the-knee backbreaker

Lenny looms and flexes victoriously with a humbling schoolboy pin

Blaine's powerful hgeadcissor grouns the bareassed rookie

Lenny 'Tank' Lamsen: 5'7, 200

Lenny's large arms crush the wily vet with a backbreaking bearhug

Lenny climbs on top and works into Blaine's guard

The bald muscle stud stopped dead in his tracks with a deep-digging pec claw

An oldie but a goodie: Blaine saps his opponent's will to fight with a kiss of death

Blaine watches the lights go out in Lenny's eyes as he rides him with the kiss of death

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