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  Goren Ford vs. Jaysen Minx  

Goren Ford: 6'1, 170

Hunky daddy Goren explores the hot morsel he finds himself faced with

Jaysen works a tight bodyscissors on the tall lean opponent

Goren works on bringing the rookie to the mats with a rear choke

Goren and Jaysen indulge a little mutual bulge appreciation mid battle

Goren sitting dominantly pulls the rook's face into his packed bulge

The Bully Seducer Getting Seduced!

Ripped muscle stud Goren Ford has leveraged his chiseled physique and raging ambition into a curious position in the ranks of BG East wrestlers. More heart and libido than wrestling skill or experience, big Goren wants to bully. He picks fights and calls out smaller guys with tight sexy bodies he wants to possess. Goren isn't the most natural wrestler on the roster, but fans line up behind him, and opponents line up to face him, nevertheless. Because when Goren wrestles, it's all foreplay. Someone is on their way to getting fucked, and the wrestling match is simply a matter of fighting for who's on top.

Jaysen Minx knows the scouting report on Goren full well. The gorgeous rookie is eager to pit his bubble butt and leading man good looks against Goren's Greek statue physique. Jaysen has studied Goren's tapes, and he's determined to put all of BG East on notice by bringing one of the industry's hottest seducers to his knees. Jaysen knows exactly what drives Goren to wrestle, and he's determined to exploit the big man's desire to his advantage.

The match starts unceremoniously, with both opponents soaking in the sight of each other's bodies and itching to get their hands on one another. Goren's super snug white singlet crawls up every crevice and caresses every beautiful bulge. Jaysen's navy blue singlet contrasts beautifully with his dark complexion and stretches perfectly across his sensational ass. Goren towers over the rookie, exactly the way he likes it. Before Jaysen is quite done staring at his opponent's huge package, Goren snags a side headlock and drags the rookie around the mat humiliatingly.

Goren gloats as he bullies the smaller man, trapping Jaysen in standing headscissors and gleefully spanking the untapped rookie ass kneeling before him. It's all according to Goren's playbook, right up until the moment that Jaysen slips free and pulls the big man down to the mat into a rear naked choke. It's a coldly calculated move that makes the bully wannabe bitch and whine. But when Jaysen decisively reaches down across the veteran's rippled torso to playfully throttle Goren's package, the big man's eyes pop open in shock. Has the bully seducer become the seduced?!

With both wrestlers' agendas on the table, the battle for erotic dominance dances between corporal punishment and sexual stimulation. The rookie once again shocks the veteran by being first to successfully strip Goren's singlet off. Angrily, Goren shakes his abundantly stuffed jock strap pouch at his opponent. "You want to get at this, huh?!" In pointed reply, Jaysen just smiles.

Two of the hottest asses on the mats vie to distract and disorient as they battle on in jock straps. Jaysen's hand repeatedly slides inside his opponent's pouch, eliciting whimpers and groans of ecstasy from the muscled veteran. The will to win waxes and wanes beneath stroking hands and grinding crotches. The key to victory is swinging freely between Goren's muscled thighs. The rookie is clearly infatuated, perhaps overly so, with possessing and inspiring Goren's cock. Jaysen abandons a rear naked choke to wrap his legs around his opponent's narrow waist and massage Goren's swelling member with his bare feet. Gasping, Goren exploits the distraction to turn the tables and mount the rookie in a schoolboy pin, giving him a face full of exactly what he so clearly desires.

Bearhugs are merely excuses to grind crotch to ass. Face-to-crotch headscissors are more about breaking down erotic defenses than punishing bodies. Neither amorous hunk protests too vehemently with their faces stuffed deep up each other's magnificent butts. There's a winner, in case you're counting submissions. Jaysen and Goren are counting, but the open lust and exploration of one another's bodies leave winning and losing far behind. Worshiping one another's sweat soaked bodies makes them both, and you, winners.

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Minx fights defensively to nulify the attempted jap strangle

Jaysen's hot ass all up in Goren's face as Jaysen dominates with a reverse schoolboy

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Jaysen stretches out in Goren's tight, torturous bodyscissors

Goren finds himself trapped, arms restrained, in a reverse headscissors

Jaysen Minx: 5'8, 165

The vet in real trouble as Jaysen wrecks his spine with a camel clutch variation

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Jaysen gets up close and personal as he's pinned down with Goren's bulge in his face

Goren plops his bareass on Jaysen's face in a humbling bulge-groping reverse schoolboy

Jaysen saps the fight from his tall, lean opponent with a tight bearhug

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