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  Nick Naughton vs. Denny Cartier  

Nick Naughton: 5'11, 205

Denny perches on the turnbuckle working a tight headlock

Nick bulges as he carries Denny up for a big gutbuster

Nick looks to send the sexy stud off to the land of Zzzzzs with a tight rear naked choke

Nick carries the jobber over his shoulder in a fireman carry

Denny yanked up off his feet into a rib collapsing bearhug from the dirty heel

"Jump ropes are fun!"

You can chart the storied wrestling career of Denny Cartier by his thinning hair and growing tattoos. From fresh-faced amateur wrestler to seasoned MMA pro, we've watched the dimpled chinned boy-next-door emerge as a hotly muscled threat anywhere, anytime. But back in his early days, before the tats, when Denny was still banking on his outstanding amateur credibility to propel him into ring competition, he came face to face with abundantly pierced, extensively inked, bottle tanned powerhouse Nick Naughton.

Well, less face-to-face and more face-to-nipple, considering Nick towers over Denny's compactly muscled body by nearly half a foot. Nick's back alley fighting style and Jersey shore cockiness have built him a solid reputation as brutal heel. Pretty boys are his specialty. He drinks their tears like he downs shots of tequila, which is voraciously and often. Staring way down at beautiful Denny, big Nick yawns and punches his timecard for the start of just another day at the office, tearing pretty boys to pieces.

"This isn't going to take long," Nick predicts, "because I've got to go to the gym and get a real workout today." Denny bounces on the balls of his feet eagerly, grinning ear to ear like he's got a secret he can't wait to tell. Three sensationally soaring running drop kicks, bouncing off the ropes, let the cat out of the bag. Denny Cartier is here to turn pro!

In the opening minutes, Jobberpaloozer fans will have to question who's the jobber here. Denny is incredibly quick and laser focused. Once he gets the big man to the mat, he swarms all over Nick's big, bronzed body, inch by inch working the badboy into one near pin after another. Nick is pissed, but getting mad isn't getting even, and he's got nothing to say for himself once Denny has him spladled, folded over, and absolutely pinned for a leisurely three count. "That's freaking bullshit!" Nick bitches, as much about his mussed up gelled hair as the shocking first fall pin.

In fact, Denny catches the big man flat footed again and again. Solid skills and studied practice pay off for the dimpled chinned workhorse, systematically breaking the badboy down to size and folding him up like recycled cardboard. Soaked in well-earned sweat, Denny is downright gloating, pumping his fists in the air, landing drop kicks at will, owning the ring and humiliating his opponent. Bouncing off the ropes he soars through the air, launching like a cruise missile to body block the back alley brawler. And then, abruptly, Nick catches him in mid-air.

Finding yourself at the mercy of naughty Nick Naughton is an unenviable position. Being at Nick's mercy and giving away almost 50 pounds is an absolute shit storm. Big Nick repeatedly bodyslams Denny's lower back into the mat, dragging him by his hair up again and again for more punishment. His early going humiliation inspires unusual passion from naughty Nick, as the bronzed bad ass savors the sweet taste of revenge. High altitude suplexes make Denny's lower back crumble, before a series of over-the-knee gut busters violently bruise the pretty boy's solid core. Winning isn't as satisfying as beating every last breath out of this cocky little stud, so Nick bearhugs and gut bashes and tramples Denny until he's wheezing for air and literally unable to utter words of submission.

Choked with his own jump rope, squeezed and pummeled from corner to corner, Denny starts to beg for mercy. Of course, that's music to Nick's ears, and nothing inspires Nick to work that much harder like the soundtrack of sputtering, weeping screams of terror and pleas for mercy. If you know Denny's career, you know he'll bounce back from this brutality bigger, stronger, and more dangerous than ever. But when Nick is done with him, you have to wonder how he ever found the courage to climb back into the ring again.

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An impressive display of strengh as Nick carts Denny around with one arm

Denny desperately works the headscissors to stave off further punishment

Nick's thick quads work to crush the jobber's skull in a headscissors

Naughty Nick Naughton works the hapless jobber over with a hangman

Jobber jobbed out as he suffers arching his busted back

Denny's formidable legs muscle the notorious heel over with a powerful headscissors

Denny Cartier: 5'6, 155

Denny airborne as he's carried up and over with a suplex

Death from above: Nick rains down big boot after big boot on the suffering jobberboy

Using the ropes, Nick leverages his weighted boot into Denny's collapsing gut

Trapped in the ropes, Denny's back bends in a painful jumprope choke

Denny dropped hard to his knees as Naughton strangles him with the jump-rope

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