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  Kelly King vs. Cap Landon  

Kelly King: 5'10, 210

Big, bad Kelly King rains big stomps down onto pale newbie Cap's midsection

Kelly corners Cap and throttles the ever-living shit out of him

King has no time for peasants as he chokes Cap over the top rope

Cap's spine bends precariously in King's over-the-knee backbreaker

A crushing cobra clutch crumbles Cap's resolve as he sinks to the floor

'Get Off Me, You Little Shit!' - Count-Outs, Bear Hugs & Sleepers! Oh My!

Strongly built and hugely popular Kelly King is the fighting man's fighter. He doesn't talk bullshit. He gets in the ring and takes care of business, a Stand Your Ground and Beat Him Up kind of guy. BG East's fresh recruit Cap Landon is all enthusiasm and high energy, not a lot of muscle, not a lot of ring experience, and pale as alabaster compared to his bronzed god opponent. "I'm real serious," he announces first thing upon bounding into the squared circle. Maybe he realizes there might be some doubts about this point, particularly among BGE fans who missed his rousing come-hell-or-high-water debut in Ring Rookies 5. Kelly is unimpressed, but he's not about to let his guard down around this guy. He's familiar enough with the BG East terrain to know that up here small packages sometimes hold big surprises.

Serious or not, Cap gets a wakeup call in the form of Kelly's kneepad crashing into his lily-white abs. Kelly follows up with some stiff punches to the head. Moaning, Cap staggers over to the opposite corner, where the big Texan adds a postscript of three more blows to the midsection. However, when Kelly rushes back for a quick finish, he runs face-first into the sole of Landon's white boot. Bent over, checking his mouth for blood, Kelly backs up into Cap's rear naked choke, which the upstart claps on tight as a vise. This is the same hold Cap used mid-match to bring down muscle-babe Royce Perry in their joint debuts, and Kelly looks none too pleased with it here. "Get off me, you little shit!" King thrashes, feeling the circulation to his brain cut off and helpless to do anything about it.

Kelly falls to one knee, and Cap hunkers over him, tightening the grip. Kelly drags himself and Cap to the center of the ring. "I think you want to give up," the rookie advises. Kelly drops down on his elbows, with Cap still hunched over his shoulders. King's face goes red as Texas clay. The big guy clenches and unclenches his fist, determined to deny the kid a fall this early in the match. With great effort and resolve, Kelly rises back to his feet, lifting Cap off the mat, but then drops back down to one knee. Landon is exultant: "Yeah-heh-heh!" He's already tasting victory, and it's sweet. All of a sudden, Kelly surges back up to his feet, thrusts backward, and cracks Cap's spine to the turnbuckle, breaking the hold.

You know and we know and probably even Cap himself knows that Kelly King is not going to let this aggression pass unanswered. As soon as he regains his bearings, Kelly responds with a mile-wide swing that connects his big fist to little Landon's jaunty jawline. The rookie crumples, barely sensate, against the corner ropes. Three more punches to the face, and Cap is down on his butt with Kelly's big black boot bearing down on his throat. Boners don't rise any faster than this, fans! As they say down South, Kelly's opening a can of whoopass on Landon, and the "little shit" is going to wish he had never been born. At this point the match becomes a runaway train barreling towards the ultimate kock-out of a knockout finish. Will there be anything left of Cap Landon in the end? Can the erstwhile and perky pro kid bounce back and succeed where he had just failed so miserably?

The last 25 minutes of this match hits hard as an August hurricane. Top-, middle-, and bottom-rope chokes, old-school thumb-and-finger chokes, chinlocks, reverse chinlocks, forced turnbuckle-eating, backbreakers, kicks, stomps, punches, body slams, and shoulder blocks speed past our eyes, the bruises and welts accumulating like empty calories at a Baptist picnic. Where else in the underground wrestling world do you find finetuned beatings like these, climaxing with a lush, 50-second choke-out guaranteed to make you feel weak in the knees? Only at BG East, folks, especially when Kelly The King is in the house! A spectacular ring riot with two hot young indy pros eager to please and punish!

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Kelly King vs. Cap Landon
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Knock Outs 3 Arena Galleries

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Cap begins to show fear as he realizes how hopeless his situation is against the bigger stud

Cap cornered as King clobbers him mercilessly into the turnbuckle

Cap's lifeless, beaten body dangles over King's massive shoulder

King utilizes the ropes to pour on the pressure in a match-ending rear-naked choke

Cap's ribcage crumbles under the pressure of King's scissored tree trunk quads

Cap brought low as King coils around him with a rear-naked choke, bodyscissors combo

Cap Landon: 5'8, 140

Kelly wraps his big hands around Cap's throat and pulls his neck back over his knee

Cap clings on for dear life as he works on bringing down the big pro with a rear-naked choke

King has had enough as he carts Cap up and over for a ring-shaking bodyslam

Cap looks about finished as he hangs limp and weak in King's crushing bearhug

King perches and preens victoriously with a double bicep flex over the crushed Cap

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