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  Ty Alexander vs. Steve Mason*

Steve Mason: 5'6, 140

Ty's thick thighs clamp down tytly on Steve's skull

Ty locks down a rod-stroking banana split on the mat rookie

Ty's beefy, buffed bod kneels over skinny Steve with a humbling crotch-to-face headscissors

Ty works a humiliating wedgie on the BG freshman in the bearhug

Ty works an over the knee backbreaker and finds out why Mason is known as a "bonus boy"

Climbing the Matterhorn: Ty 2.0 vs the Sexy Rookie

The rumors are true. It's finally time to reveal a whole new Ty Alexander! He's sworn off the kitsch and his notorious tendency to get distracted by his own dazzling beauty and wit. With a doe-eyed, hot-bodied newbie dangling in front of him in the wrestleshack, Ty arrives to unveil his new, serious attitude and freshly minted, massive muscles. No more fun and games: he's committed to sealing the deal and stomping the rookie. Well, maybe just a little more fun and games.

Making his BG East debut, Steve Mason is a dollop of wrestler perfectionism. He sports a delicate handsomeness and a beautifully fit body that hint at the potential for big things to come. The biggest thing with the potential to come has got to be the huge, dangling package swinging heavily between Steve's thighs and straining the crotch pouch of his seductive, purple singlet. Ty can't keep his eyes or hands off it well before the action even starts.

Fans will recognize that this is not the typical Ty match by the fact that there's no smirking taunts and ego-driven opening bluster. With a cool confidence, Ty-2.0 leverages his luxurious new muscles to lock down a half-nelson on the way to dragging the babyface newbie into screaming body scissors. The veteran is all over the slack jawed rookie, driving him to his back and demonstrating his superiority with a domineering schoolboy pin, his lips hovering hungrily overtop of Steve's gasping mouth. All of those newly pumped muscles on Ty herd the rookie into increasing jeopardy. Being in control and bullying an outmuscled opponent is a new experience for Ty, and judging by the smile stretching ear to ear across his face, he's enjoying it.

Lest you be too distracted by Steve's Matterhorn, rest assured that the rookie can wrestle. He patiently sucks down Ty's assertive opening offense until Ty leaves a tiny opening for the newbie to barge right in. He cranks on a savage side headlock, slowly working Ty's shoulders to the mat and into a near pin. Demonstrating that he's no shrinking violet, Steve grabs Ty's crotch and massages it hungrily. Buttons pushed, Ty sinks into the rookie's intoxicating elixir of corporal pain with an erotic pleasure chaser. Suddenly, Ty's face is pressed intimately into Steve's muscled ass in figure-4 headscissors. Ty's muffled cries give away the shocking first submission before the newbie can smother him into unconsciousness.

Being humiliated by a lightweight rookie was not in the script Ty had written for this big "turning point" in his career. He's pissed off and retreating instinctively back to his old tricks, making excuses, whining, and trying to talk himself back into contention. It abruptly turns into a bitterly fought mat battle bouncing off of the wrestleshack walls and quickly coating both battlers in waves of sweat. They trade increasingly brutal submissions, and their attentions turn persistently to lustfully groping each other's swelling packages. Face-to-crotch headscissors and schoolboy pins drive home the point again and again that both men's attentions are fixed on just one thing.

That one thing finally comes spilling out when Ty pounds his prey into an over-the-knee backbreaker and slides his hand inside Steve's trunks, assessing the rookie's raging excitement. "Whew! That is not going to stay in there much longer, is it?" Ty chuckles, doubting the integrity of the seams straining to contain the monster in Steve's pouch. As predicted, Steve's power tool gets pulled out and plugged in as Ty rips the rookie's gear off. It's astonishing to watch the rookie battle on, his fully erect, mammoth member leading the charge as they scramble for the final, decisive fall.

Both wrestlers work themselves into a full lather, with a doubly explosive finish that leaves everyone exhausted, but no one dissatisfied. Whether you love him or hate him, or love to hate him, you have to reevaluate everything you thought you knew about Ty Alexander. It's a sweat and cum soaked battle to the very end with three sensationally hot debuts. The debut of Steve Mason. The new improved Ty. And the definitive frontrunner for Best Bulge of the Year Winner!

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Ty Alexander vs. Steve Mason*
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Ty topped with a leg-splitting, figure-four headscissors from the rookie

Steve gets a faceful of Ty's bulge in a tight, smothering headscissors

Ty senses blood in the water with a rare win as he works the bodyscissors, rear-naked choke

Steve takes control as he works a tight bearhug, figure-four headscissors combo

Ty wrestles down the prize-pony with a facesitting schoolboy pin

Steve locked down life and limb as Ty humbles in with a face-slapping, schoolboy pin

Ty Alexander: 5'7, 185

Steve sets out to prove he deserves his spot as he floors Ty with a headscissors variation

A stripped-down Steve asserts his manhood with a crotch-clutching schoolboy pin

Steve suffers through his initiation in a rear-chinlock, camel clutch variation

Ty lays claim to the newbie with a sweaty, sensual liplock

The newly hairy-chested Ty stands tall with the loser's lips wrapped round his cock

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