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  Tommie Hawk vs. Noah Samson

Tommie Hawk: 5'11, 160

Pinned! So what? Noah's neck is painfully cranked while Tommie sinks on a twisting crotch claw

Tommie continues to rip Noah's legs wide in the ass-to-face reverse schoolboy pin

Tommie works a wedgie as he grinds Noah's face into the mat with a well placed foot to his skull

Noah presses his seductive advantage with a seriously sexy (and painful!) bearhug in the corner

Now that's a pin! Tommie presses his advantage with a humbling crotch-to-face schoolboy pin

You'll Wear What I Tell You To Wear! Or else! Now, STRIP!

Noah Samson and Tommie Hawk are rivals who have been circling one another in the underground wrestling scene in Montreal for years now. Noah has a social media following, in no small part thanks to one of the juiciest bubble butts to hit the wrestling mats. Tommie has been relentlessly predicting just what he'll do to that gorgeous derriere once he's knocked Noah's rising star back to earth. Glaring across the mat at one another, it's impossible to miss the erotic tension. It's palpable and pregnant with passion.

Eagerly, sensually, Noah reaches down and pries open the fly of Tommie's tight jeans. Even as Tommie's bulge springs out, he slaps Noah's hand away. The two combatants go nose to nose, their lips hover in front of each other, mouths open hungrily. They stand there a full 30 seconds, balanced perfectly between fucking and fighting. Noah's sudden knee lift to Tommie's gut tips the balance and curtails the reverie. This sensuous sex-fight is on!

Years of trash talk and trolling one another come spilling out into a raw, brutal battle. Noah drives the air from Tommie's lungs with a full body splash. Sucking in air, Tommie is defenseless as his rival rips his jeans off and admires the tightly packed pink trunks underneath. With lungs replenished, Tommie rebounds and manhandles Noah in a rage, prying off Noah's form-fitting, skin-tight jeans so violently you can hear seams ripping.

Each punishing hold is merely a means to an erotic end. Tommie folds his opponent over, squarely pinning Noah's shoulders to the mat. But the pin is unacknowledged. It's beside the point. The point is the glee on Tommie's face as he spanks Noah's pride-and-joy ass beet red and twists and squeezes that amply packed pouch. When Noah bucks free and clamps on a breath-stealing bodyscissors, his hands instantly throttle Tommie's expanding package. He viciously rips apart Tommie's crotch and, with silky smoothness, slides into position to pry his rival's legs split wide to expeditiously earn the first gasping submission.

"You set the rules," Noah Samson gloats, "and you lost. Now I get to pick what you wear next." The gear stakes are, of course, a means to ever more degrading humiliation. Noah picks impossibly tiny briefs and demands Tommie pay the price. While humiliation is clearly the agenda, it's impossible to miss the relish with which Noah studies his opponent's bronzed, First Nation naked body, as he's forced to change gear in front of him.

The submissions are increasingly vicious. Tommie looks like he may rip Noah's balls off until he gives up in a beautiful butt-displaying spladle. "Your turn," Tommie snarls bitterly, gagging Noah with his own sweaty trunks before picking a t-back thong out of his gear bag in order to display that very shapely trophy derriere that Tommie is so clearly determined to win. He openly savors the sight of Noah's lean naked body and, in particular, those meaty, powerful glutes during the change in wardrobe. The erotic tension is seeringly electric.

The bodies grow sweatier as the gear gets tinier. Schoolboys slide forward into crotch smothering pins. Face-sitting and ball punching reinforce the bitter edge to this raging feud. Tommie's crotch gets wrung out like a dishrag. Noah's epic ass cheeks are beat so hard that they're covered in hand-shaped red welts. Hard nipples and straining pouches reveal the subtext to the merciless punishment. There are stolen kisses in particularly vulnerable moments of defenselessness, as violence and erotic passion blur one into the other.

One ragged stud is worn all the way out before they finally settle the feud once and for all. But just because he can't fight back is no reason for his opponent to relent. "That bulge is mine now," the winner groans with pleasure, possessing the vanquished crotch and grinding passionately into the loser's ass. Just when it seems like the hatchets are buried, there's more score to settle as the winner drags his crawling conquest off the mats by a handful of hair. This is one of the most ferocious, balls out double debuts you'll ever see! Oh Canada!

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Tommie Hawk vs. Noah Samson
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Noah rips Tommie's legs wide open in a neck-cranking headscissors, roll up spladle

Noah takes hungry handful of Tommie's bulge as he works a headscissors from the side

Noah is only the first to lose his undagear in this high stakes mat rumble

Noah is helpless and forced to watch Tommie's foot abuse and stroke his crotch in the neck crank

Tommie climbs on top and lays claim to his sweat-soaked opponent with a sweltering liplock

Wear what I tell you to wear! Noah taunts a kneeling Tommie as he lays claim to his trunks

Noah Samson: 5'11, 165

Noah's ample quads have Tommie Hawk twisting and twitching in abject headscissors agony

Noah stretched out and pinned down as Tommie gathers his entire manhood in a nasty crotch-pull

Noah kneels and grinds his knee into a bulging Tommie's back in the dragon sleeper backbreaker

Noah rides and smothers Tommie's face in a dominant schoolboy pin and tweaks his nipple

Tommie works a crippling bearhug with a gear wedgie thrown in for good measure

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