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  Jay Locke vs. Nino Leone

Jay Locke: 5'9, 185

Nino is in trouble as big Jay works and wrecks his neck and spine with a reverse chancery

No stranger to taking down the big dogs, lean Nino schoolboys his beefy, worshipful foe

Jay's 185 pounds of pressure buried deep on Nino's back bends him beyond all endurance

The expression of concern on Nino's face tells it all! Jay's big, grinding bear hug is BIG trouble!

Glutes Galore: A full double moon as the sexy mat wrestlers engage in a struggle for dominance

Wait for It... Wait for it...

After waiting over thirty minutes, Nino has decided his opponent has wussed out. This sometimes happens with the first-timers. They're big on being a BG East wrestler until the day comes when they have to step on the mat against another fighter. Disappointed, he lies on the outdoor mat to catch some rays and nods off for who knows how long. A toe to the ribs rouses him. He looks up blinking at a stranger's face backlit by the sky.

"Well, well, look who finally decided to show up," he drowsily gripes. Jay doesn't even bother to introduce himself, much less apologize for being late. He wants a fight: "Are you just going to lay around or you going to wrestle?" He pulls Nino up by one hand and in half a second the two are literally in each other's face, forehead to forehead, nose to nose. Jay aggressively shoves Nino Leone several steps backwards, itching to start something. Fingers clasping, still eyebrow to eyebrow, they press against each other.

Bigger and perhaps stronger, newbie Jay gets Nino down on the mat, his thighs straddling Nino's waist, ankles locked on Nino's, spreading the groggy fighter's legs apart in a double grapevine. Now the two are chest to chest and belly to belly, too. "This is gonna be fun," he says. Nino, however, has wrestled bigger guys before, Calvin Haynes and Bruno LaBestia being two recent opponents. He knows how to handle them and this situation.

Nino may be lean, but he's scrappy to the core. He's been compared to Drake Marcos, his first opponent at BG East. They're similar in build and attitude, hardly ever ruffled no matter how sticky the situation gets. (Nino and Drake would make a fine tag team, come to think of it. Who knows? Maybe together they could take on Haynes and LaBestia.)

Nino doesn't like this new guy's cockiness. He fires up, breaks free, and reverses with a schoolboy pin and leg stretch combo of his own, his tummy nudging Jay's chest. This is one of the sexiest holds in wrestling, one that never fails to trigger every wrestler's earliest memories of boyhood tussles. Nino switches to a front head chancery and lies back, rubbing Jay's nose to the mat. However, size has its benefits. Jay Locke muscles out and reverses the chancery. Now it's Nino Leone's turn to sniff the mat.

Nino manages to free his head, but Jay's very ample thighs are clamped tight around his midsection. Nino feels his toes start to tingle, his circulation blocked and short-circuited by the big guy's firm hold. At last Nino punches his way loose and clenches his adversary's face tight between his thighs, his sweaty crotch pressed to Jay Locke's nostrils.

That's what we at BG East call a good start. Yet even we seldom see give-and-take wrestling as sustained and energetic as we get in this match's first twenty minutes. And the staggering pace of whirlwind reversals and near knockouts may well break all records.

If Jay thinks Nino is just a skinny little plaything, easily bowed to his will, he has definitely got another think coming. Nino's a pistol, a hairy-chested, short-fused, and sassy pistol who will climb up your body and snap your head off if you don't watch out. And showing up late for a match only doubles the sparks that fly once he gets hold of you. But Jay is not just durable; he throws gas on the flames. He's totally stoked about pounding Nino's ass to the ground, and he's not lacking in the fury and creative cruelty to do so.

In the final seven minutes, the fury of this hurricane of a fight turns to lust, no less vehement than the fight itself. Heavy panting makes the lip locks sloppy and wet, and there remains the question of who kisses and who gets kissed. Unsurprisingly, lust is subject to the same rules of domination and submission as an all-out brawl. As it turns out, sometimes the wait is worth it. Expect fireworks from this one, gentlemen. The bumps and jolts are plentiful and exhilarating and remarkably arousing and sexy!

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Jay Locke vs. Nino Leone
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Nino Leone tries mightily to evade Jay Locke's strong legs and arm bar submission attempt

"Suck my pit!" Nino has the big boy right where he wants him - under control and in trouble!

Nino finds himself bent and gasping for air as Jay works a back-bending face to face chokehold

Jay finds his flexibility severely tested as Nino rips his crotch wide open in a banana split

It ain't the size of the dog in the fight...Nino presses up over his smooth, vanquished opponent

David tops Goliath as Nino uses his feet to roll up the rookie stud for some sexy lip locking R&R

Nino Leone: at 5'9, 150lbs is the undergo in this match but should never be underestimated!

Newcomer Jay Locke is clearly enjoying his debut as he bullies Nino Leone's face into his big bulge

Newbie Jay Locke revels in his domination of Nino Leone with a blatant crotch grab

Nino continues to shock and awe as he mounts and humbles the much bigger combatant

Jay delights in finally silencing the sexy boybander with a mouthful of crotch in a schoolboy pin

The bigger they are, the harder they fall...Nino puts the sleeper kibosh on mat rookie Jay Locke

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