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  Charlie Evans vs. Gunner Baer  

Charlie Evans: 5'8, 135

Charlie clings desperately to the ropes to prevent Gunner from dragging him up for more torture

Gunner displays his amazing strength by gorilla pressing the Ginger Hope high overhead

Charlie is in a world of hurt as Gunner drags him off the mat with a deep digging vicious pec claw

Gunner shakes Charlie like a raggedy andy doll in a neck-cranking full nelson hold

Gunner squeezes the life out Charlie in an inverted bearhug as the blood rushes to his red head

The Baer Trap

"I wonder what twerp they've got for me today," Gunner Baer growls as he flexes his beautifully buff physique. After the severe muscle thrashing he suffered at the hands of a nasty, powerhouse heel in his debut match, Gunner feels sufficiently seasoned to face down any threat the Boss can send. A little wiser this time, and with a visceral understanding of just how brutal the competition is at BG East, the babyfaced hunk has intentionally over-prepared. Raging bulls and armored tanks couldn't take this muscle boy by surprise. Tanned, coiffed and looking like the muscle pro of your dreams in classic red, white and blue trunks, Gunner paces the ring impatiently awaiting his mystery challenger.

Gunner prepared for this match with the biggest and baddest in mind. He didn't count on one of the smallest wrestlers in competition crawling out from underneath the ring apron to ambush him from behind. As one of our lightest lightweights on record, Charlie Evans has never managed to strike an imposing figure. Although he may look like the proverbial weakling begging to get sand kicked in his face, every opponent he's faced has recognized that Charlie has the heart of a lion. The prototypical goody-two-shoes has also been taking lessons in the dark arts of underhanded tricks and subterfuge. When it comes to playing dirty, in the face of overwhelming odds, earnest young Charlie seems to be coming to terms with what it takes to compete against the likes of Gunner.

Right in the middle of a double bicep pose, Gunner feels Charlie's sleeper cinch tight across his throat. Even with a nearly 100 pound weight advantage, within seconds the stunned muscle stud is in jeopardy at the hands of perpetually underestimated Charlie. All of Gunner's glistening, luxurious muscle mass tenses with shock as the gnat across his back pinches off any oxygen from getting to his brain.

Don't count out Gunner too quickly, though. Grabbing the pup on his back by the scruff of the neck, the muscle boy slams Charlie to the mat with authority. "Come on, Ginger Boy, get up!" With the wind knocked out of him, Charlie is helpless to defend himself as his pumped opponent scoops him up across his glistening pecs and slams him down again hard. "Woah! You're a light little loser boy!" Gunner laughs out loud.

Charlie suffers a relentless barrage of blunt force trauma as big Gunner works up a head of steam. The bulging bodybuilder barely breaks a sweat doing arm curls with Charlie's quivering body. Camel clutches and Boston crabs make the Great Ginger Hope nearly disappear under the mountain of muscle on top of him.

Gunner delights in prying Charlie Boy up by fists full of red hair before shot putting the lightweight from corner to corner. Swallowed up in all of that gorgeous muscle, Charlie screams for mercy in Gunner's signature Baer-hug. The juggernaut refuses to relent until Charlie concedes to scream, "I'm a little bitch-boy!"

"Look at these 20 inch pythons," Gunner demands. "You thought you could beat this? I'm a Greek god!" Something is wearing thin as Charlie takes more lopsided abuse than a man twice his size could endure. Demure little Charlie, who typically seems scandalized by the mere hint of profanity, is screaming like a sailor as Gunner works on ripping him limb from limb. "Damn it, shit," he screams as his tormentor digs his claws into Charlie's sparse pectorals. Little Charlie's attempt to escape the muscle monsters onslaught is curtly curtailed. Gunner lifts the lightweight up over his head into a massively huge gorilla press and sends little Charlie soaring back into the ring right over the top rope!

Between Gunner's sadistic delight and Charlie's raw panic, someone is guaranteed to break in this paradigmatic catch weight confrontation. You've never seen a body bruising marathon this big and this little before! Very tasty indeed!

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Charlie Evans vs. Gunner Baer
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Gunner's signature big Baer hug pulverizes the spine of the sweet petite little ginger boy

Charlie gets hung out to dry as Gunner suspends him in a knee-wrecking leg lock

The lightweight is carried high overhead as Gunner tosses his carcass back into the ring

Rope bound and helpless, Charlie's body wilts further under the punishment of Baer's big boot

A mismatch for the ages: Gunner twists, bends, and breaks Charlie in a torturous rack

"Look at these 20-inch pythons," Gunner demands in a crippling crossface variation

Gunner Baer: 5'11, 225

Charlie hopes to bring the big dude down with a rear naked choke and bodyscissors combo

Charlie's back bends until it breaks as he slaps at the mat in a screaming submission

Gunner shows off with a gut trampling most muscular pose on little ginger Charlie

Gunner's arms swallow Charlie's head whole with a powerful rear-naked choke sleeper hold

What was he thinking? Charlie's ground into the mat, trampled and beaten like a red-headed stepchild

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