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  Ty Alexander vs. Austin Cooper

Ty Alexander - 5'10, 160

A bigger, buffed Ty lays waste to humpy Austin Cooper with a ball-grabbing ab bash

Ty takes total control with a ty te humbling headscissors on the big muscleboy

Cooper did not come to play with the showboating jobber, he came to crush with a camel clutch

Austin circles a wounded, grounded, butt-bulging Ty like a shark sensing blood in the water

Cooper forces Ty to watch his own suffering as he wilts and withers in a rear naked choke

Oh For Fuck's Sake, Put a Freaking Cork In It!, or, Hunk or Punk?

Austin Cooper has been a stalwart fixture, a reliable talent and a pre-eminent BG East babyface for many years now. Strong, thickly built with a handsome face and a set of glutes which have made many a fan swoon. What you see is what you get with The Coop. He's straight-forward, sincere, and resilient. Coop takes a licking and keeps on ticking. He'll endure more abuse than most of us ordinary mortals would think humanly possible, only responding in kind when finally pushed beyond the most extreme of limits.

As he's aged and matured and racked up more experience than many professional wrestlers, his patience for pretenders and pusillanimous punks has worn thin. When he appears in the ring in a black leather vest, sexy black silver trunks and black pads and boots, it's not the same Dr. Cooper who routinely wore USA flag posing briefs. Something is clearly fretting his furrowed brow. And when his opponent makes a boisterous entrance wearing hot pink, the cause immediately becomes evident.

Ty thinks it's somehow relevant that he's a couple of inches taller than Coop. He gets right in the handsome hero's face and starts spouting off his usual Ty trash talk. Coop bears it with a patient shrug until Ty pushes him just that tiny bit too far. A loud double smack to the pecs sends the so-called Trophy Boy flying backwards. Always impetuous, never one prone to contemplative consideration, and annoyed with the large hand prints now as pink as his trunks, Ty rushes the muscle stud and attempts to lift him up for a bodyslam, attempt being the operative word. Coop bemusedly smirks while Ty tries his best to dislodge him off his sturdy legs and into a slam. Then the good doctor shows the punk how it's done. A massive ring-rattling slam leaves Master Alexander gasping in shock.

One would think such a how-do-you-do would give Ty pause to reconsider his approach but no! Once back up on his feet Ty charges the big muscle stud again, this time clamping on a side headlock which appears to surprise Austin but which also seems to have little deleterious effect. Coop takes it for a moment or two, sucks in some air and then just lifts Ty like a trophy and drops him down across his waiting knee.

Austin employs a arm stretcher and nearly yanks Ty's arm out of its socket. Just when it seems like Ty is about to submit the first fall, he rolls up and over Austin's huge legs and re-clamps that side headlock. It looks like he's making some headway on the big guy and Ty revels in his dominance until Coop swings those massive quads up and over and around the Trophy Boy's head! And to punctuate his new attitude and matching gear, Dr. Cooper does a set of ten push-ups with Ty's noggin trapped between his killer quads.

Poor Ty. He's reduced to crawling up Austin Cooper's mountain of a physique, first groveling at his boots, then clinging on to his sweaty knee pads, supplicating before the muscle boy's bulge and then right up into his waiting arms for a bearhug that will be brutal and endless. When Ty bites Coop's ear (!) in an effort throw the muscleboy off his objective, the Trophy Boy ends up sailing through the air when Coop tosses him halfway across the ring! Ty's munching of Austin's earlobe results in him being trapped right back up in those huge arms, this time in a reverse bearhug. Coop tosses the colorful, cocky character from post to post, and seems well on his way to an inevitable victory.

But Ty has a couple of tricks up his... pink pants. He targets Coop's meaty pecs with double claw holds. It surprises the big boy and clearly knocks him off his track. Sensing an opportunity, Ty pounds away at those beefy pecs, alternating his kneading of that big, manly chest with a blatant chokehold. And if that's not enough to rankle Dr. Cooper and keep him in Ty's clutches, the Trophy Boy goes after the pretty boy's bulge. The crotch claw weakens the hunk and leaves him vulnerable to Ty's face to bulge head scissors.

The Trophy Boy revels in his domination and humiliation of his hunky trophy, taunting, teasing and tweaking Coop as he struggles between Ty's thighs. Will Ty achieve an upset of massive proportion or will Coop come back to take the Trophy?

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Ty Alexander vs. Austin Cooper
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Ty trapped in the ropes, his junk crushed as Coop repeatedly forearm bashes his exposed core

Ty manages to bring the muscled jock down low with dirty and vicious ball and pec claws

Ty likes to come out on top as he wraps his hands around Coop's throat in a blatant choke

Ty desperately attempts an arching escape from Coop's constricting, crushing headscissors

Coop's bubble butt takes center stage as his tree trunk quads disabuse Ty's delusions of grandeur

Ty is completely outmatched as Cooper works him with a big boot choke in the turnbuckle

Austin Cooper - 5'9, 180

Ty refuses to quit as he executes a handstand flip escape attempt from the headscissors

Big, bad Dr. Cooper gazes down on the trophy boy grovelling in supplication at his feet

Ty reaches the peak of Mount Cooper as he's snatched up into a spine-crushing bearhug

Cooper initiates an impromptu flex show victoriously over the beaten and unconscious prettyboy

A pinup perfect all-American jock, Austin Cooper brings equal parts pain, poetry and charm

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