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  Elite Eliot vs. Zip Zarella  

Zip 'Count' Zarella: 6', 205 lbs

Zip makes a flashy entrance!

The audience gave Eliot the posedown win

Zip is about to get zapped face-first into the turnbuckle!

Zip wilts under the onslaught of Eliot's flying fists

Zip's boot to Eliot's throat has the hot handsome indy stud pinned to the bottom turnbuckle

Two of The Country's Top Indy Stars Go Toe to Toe for Pride

Relatively new to BG East, Zip Zarella already has legions of fans, no doubt mesmerized by his disdainful smirk and arsenal of high-energy moves. He also won the distinction of being named Best Newcomer of 2017 in BG East's Fan Favorites poll. And it's no surprise if you've seen him in action, live or on tape. The boy has presence galore and as one long time pro quipped, "the boy has legs" - legs as in a terrific set of stems, but also, legs as in a long career ahead of him in his chosen profession of passion.

Zip enters wearing a shimmering black cape lined in blood red satin over blood-red very flattering form-fitting trunks, - replete with leopard print boots! Insisting that the announcer refer to him as "Count" Zarella. The aristocratic vampire gimmick announces the fact that Zip is in full-tilt heel mode this evening.

Elite Eliot, who, like Zip Zarella, often straddles the line between babyface and heel, works his way through the crowd in a provocative and very sexy black leather vest and radiant pink trunks which fit him to a T. Already well known to fans for his work in indie and underground wrestling, Eliot makes his first appearance here at BG East, and the fans embrace him instantly. And what's not to like? With his spectacular physique, chiseled features, movie star good looks and a derriere to drool over, His Eliteness, commands the attention and admiration of all present - as well as raising the ire of Zip who clearly doesn't appreciate having his own remarkable entrance outclassed by a newcomer!

Leading with a muscle posedown, the wrestlers compete for the audience's adoration. We found it impossible to choose since both men have slobber-worthy physiques and dynamic ring personalities, best seen, as here, when playing to ardent fans of masculine pulchritude. And what fun it is to see the wrestlers play off the fans excitement and enthusiasm - and vice-versa. It's an element that is almost exclusive to the live show venue. There's a cool collaboration happening here between the wrestlers and the wrestling fans and it's delicious and palpable and fun!

Eliot proves his "elite" status early, driving Zarella's back to the turnbuckle and mounting him for a 10-count punch-down that the crowd raucously tallies. The brisk start bolsters Eliot's already high level of confidence as he manhandles Zip in and out of the squared circle, at one point dangling the pretty vamp over the ropes by his long hair.

Eliot seems to know instinctually how best to display the cocky stud, especially showcasing those sexy square cut briefs which ride up so tantalizingly between Zip's zippity-doo-dahs! But lest you think this is a one-sided stunner of a match, our Zippy strikes back and strikes back hard, making this a very even fight. These two lookers trade blow for blow, stomp for stomp and bump for bump, right up to the stunning finish.

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Elite Eliot vs. Zip Zarella
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Sexy Zip Zarella is down but not out!

Eliot hangs Zip by his hair!

Elite Eliot goes for the 1-2-3!

A hook of the leg has Zip in trouble

Zip's perfectly form-fitting trunks

Zesty Zip Zarella flat on his back

Elite Elliot: 5'11", 190 lbs

Eliot is one solidly built stud

Pound for pound, pose for pose, Eliot's got the goods!

Some high drama from two very humpy pro studs

Eliot says he's ready to finish Zip off once and for all

Perfectly pretty in pink! Elite Eliot certainly raised the temperature at The Manor!

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