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  Carson Crawford vs. Grant Connors*

Carson Crawford: 5'10, 160 lbs

Connors pulls Carson close with a tight, kneeling, rib-crushing reverse bearhug

Connors crushes a conquered Carson with a cocky double bicep flex pin

Carson claws and gropes at Connors' beefy pecs as he works a camel clutch submission

The ripped rookies crotches grind together in a powerful, punishing bearhug

Carson completely stripped of his gear with a sadistic, seductive bearhug

Size Matters

When we announced that we were going to host Wrestling with Pride in front of a live audience, aspiring gay wrestlers lined up to celebrate the fabulous world of wrestling that we all love. There was so much talent eager to go at it, in fact, that we simply couldn't fit everyone into the live pro show. Two sensational new faces in particular just barely missed the cut, but, have no fear, they were more than happy to square off on the mats, in private, in one of the hottest, double-rookie debut mat matches in memory.

Big Grant Connors is pure, grass-fed, prime beef straight off the farm. His boyish face and dark eyes, his charmingly sexily provocative smile, and his cute curly hair belie his manly, magnificent muscle development. With a body built for breaking broncos and wrestling raging bulls, Grant looks distinctly disappointed when Carson Crawford arrives.

"You look a little smaller in person," Grant snarls, towering over his pretty boy opponent. Carson rolls his eyes. He's heard it all before. Perpetually underestimated and more than happy to shock and awe a big, beefy opponent in reply, Carson gives Grant's ample pecs a big shove. "I don't want you to think you can take this for granted," Carson's slow, deep-South drawl drips with contempt and confrontation. The bravado makes big Grant chuckle. He flexes his gargantuan biceps in his opponent's face, defying him not to despair in the face of being so completely outgunned. Acrobatically, Carson suddenly does a handstand directly in front of him, snapping his ankles around Grant's head and dragging him to the mat in brain-buzzing flying headscissors. "Do not take the size for granted," Carson sneers, pulling the big boy's face right up nice and tight against his balls.

There's a dancer's grace to Carson's every move. His ripped torso and astonishingly sexy bubble butt make art with every flex and stretch. Despite appearing dwarfed by Grant's muscle mass, he is sensationally built and obviously aware of the potential of his fabulously fit body. And his body visibly responds to the damp heat generated by the intimacy of the wrestling action. When he hoists the big man up into a severe camel clutch, Carson's massive pouch strains against its confines and slaps down excitedly onto Grant's backbone. He repeatedly and amorously strokes the farm boy's bulging muscles possessively. "This must be so embarrassing for you," he coos disingenuously.

Unaccustomed to being a ridden bull, Grant rallies in the face of his deceptively diminutive opponent's advances. With bearhugs for days, Grant rag-dolls Carson back and forth, showing off his beautiful butt. Grant lifts and carries the lightweight like a sack of livestock feed, suddenly pounding Carson into a high-impact over-the-knee backbreaker, his massive pecs flexing stunningly as he pounds pendulous fists into his opponent's plated gut. He strips Carson's trunks off, slapping the g-string pouch playfully and announcing his claim on the prize beneath the wrapper.

Ball busting and muscle worship keep this match teetering precariously between savage competition and full throttle foreplay. As if they've been starving themselves for days, hungry kisses devour muscles and turn the erotic heat up to maximum. The wrestling careens headlong into unquenchable lust, as one stunning newbie is stripped naked to reveal a rookie cock that fans will be talking about for some time to come!

It's true: don't take size for granted. There's big. And there's beefy. And then there's the gravitational pull of two of the hottest, horniest, erotically oriented wrestling rookies in one of the best debuts of the year!

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The two ripped muscle rookies engage in a mutual, sixty-nine headscissors

Grant looms dominantly over Carson with a crotch-ripping grapevine submission

The smooth and sexy Carson brings the fellow rookie to the mat with a skull-cracking headscissors

Connors twists and crushes Carson with a knee-kissing, crotch-splitting cradle pin

Carson rolls Connors up onto his shoulders with a cocky, crotch-to-face schoolboy variation

Grant Connors throws up a double bicep flex to battle his way into the hearts of BG East fans

Grant Connors: 5'11, 205 lbs

The humpy, hunky Carson feels his spine begin to bend and break in the bearhug

Carson climbs atop Connors with an appreciative feel of his booty in the single-leg boston crab

Connors' sneers cockily as Carson cries in pain in a punishing rear naked choke

Connors proves that his muscle is just too much for Carson with a flexing, schoolboy pin

A conquered Carson kneels and worships the powerful muscles of a victorious Connors

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