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  Calvin Haynes vs. Jay Locke*

Calvin Haynes: 5'9", 200

Jay struggles to keep the big stud weakened in the bodyscissors as Calvin powers up

Calvin's thick arms compress Jay's ribcage in a suspended frontal bearhug

Calvin is brought to his knees with a powerful flex of Jay's quads in a standing headscissors

Calvin perches prettily and powerfully atop Locke with a crotch-grabbing schoolboy pin

Jay has full control of the beefy bodybuilder with a tit-twisting inverted face lock

Locke and Load

Our main event starts where most BG East videos end, with a sharp closeup of swollen crotches rubbing against each other. The crotches in question belong to hairy-chested hunk Calvin Haynes and cocky hothead Jay Locke. Both wrestlers are solidly built men's men who like nothing more than rolling with other men of comparable bulk and backbone. They take a step back only to immediately engage in lovetaps that are rather stiffer than usual. Then Jay pulls Calvin in, almost as if he intends to kiss him on the mouth, but instead the two men lock up and struggle, soon tumbling to the mat with Calvin mounting Jay from behind, applying a full nelson hold, and pushing him facedown to the Wrestleshack floor.

Calvin rolls to his side, pulling Jay up with him, his arms now clenched around the upper torso, and dry-humps his man from behind. Jay love-hates the pounding his ass is getting. He feels the exploratory prods of Calvin's swelling cock and is torn between the desire to fuck and the joy of getting violated from behind. Calvin segues to a traditional body-scissors hold and pops a victorious single-biceps pose as a supine Jay gazes up admiringly. Energized by the heat radiating off both bodies, Locke rolls over on top of Haynes, pinning the man's wrists to the mat on either side of his head and hooking his legs around Calvin's. His face is right up against his opponent's as he taunts, "That all you got?"

In response, Calvin reaches up and, from underneath the man, pins Jay's hands behind his lower back. Jay grimaces and growls in response to the ecstatic surge of pain he feels as Haynes manhandles him from below. Let's just pause for a second to say that this is some of the hottest shit we've ever seen. The macho combination of lust and aggression is bracing and overwhelming. Jay rolls over to take the top position, his waist still cinched between Calvin's powerful thighs, their fingers interlocked as the struggle intensifies. Give and take doesn't take a more potent form than that of two flinty hunks surging and squirming on the Wrestleshack floor. Power has aphrodisiac effects, never more compellingly demonstrated than by Haynes and Locke.

These big boys do not slow down, not even to take a breather. Trunks tear off to reveal jockstraps with hardly a pause in the bellicosity these men excite in each other. By the end, both are stripped down to the skin, and the contest gets harder and more passionate, driven by twin appetites for physical dominance and connection. Jay Locke is a revelation in his second appearance at BG East. He's a total control-hog, as assured and electric in front of the cameras as wrestlers who have been with us for years. Calvin Haynes is the boss, though, tougher here than he's ever been and fast emerging as the man to watch at BG East. Everything about this rugged studmuffin demands our veneration, and this match declares that this man's time has arrived. We are all kinds of excited about this match, sure to be remembered and revisited for years to come.

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Calvin Haynes vs. Jay Locke*
42 minutes

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The Wrestleshack grapplers engage in naked, primal combat with a headlock on the bodybuilder

Calvin rides Jay in a camel clutch variation and force feeds him his own sweat-drenched gear

Jay gives the furry meathead a taste of his own medicine as he smothers him with his own trunks

The Wrestleshack reaches its sexual fever pitch as Calvin seduces his beefy opponent

Calvin intends to leave his indelible mark on Jaye with a leg-splitting bodyscissors combo

Jay's thick thighs snap snugly around Calvin's head in a skull-crushing headscissors

Jay Locke: 5'9", 185

In an erotic twist on a match-opening handshake, the Wrestleshack combatants face off bulge-to-bulge

Jay attempts to slither away across the mats as Calvin strips him of his gear

Haynes' spine damn near folds in half with the powerful rear chinlock camel clutch combination

Jay's ultimate top position with his cock grinding against Hayne's hole in a single-leg boston crab

Jay forces a Calvin kowtow with a double armbar on the buffed bodybuilder

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