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  Jobe Zander vs. Mitch Colby

Zander controls Mitch from each end with a handful of hair and a dirty crotch claw

Colby gets personally acquainted with the Centerpiece in a taste test of a schoolboy pin

The stunning fitness model splits, roll-up pin forces Jobe to gaze at his helpless Centerpiece

Mitch has had enough of Jobe's mouth and gags him with his own sweat-soaked gear

Jobe takes Mitch down into the corner and unleashes a merciless gutbash to his shredded core

"Who's got the Centerpiece now?" taunts Mitch in a humiliating crotch to face schoolboy pin

"Centerpiece this, bitch!"

"What's wrong with you?" Jobe Zander snarls when he finds Mitch Colby waiting for him in the ring. "You're like a big, ugly eclipse blocking my brightness!" No one would disagree that Mitch is big. In peak physical condition, the ripped, 6'2" fitness model is an imposing figure. However, characterizing him as "ugly" defies belief. The babyface beauty is tanned and toned, with leading man good looks and the magnificent muscle proportions of a comic book superhero. He's all business, wearing ass-kicking black boots and tight, black trunks. He rolls his eyes at Jobe's boorish braggadocio. "Are we wrestling, or are you putting on a show," Mitch asks with contempt.

Of course, in Jobe's mind, every match is a blockbuster show starring him and his infamously gargantuan bulge. "I'm going to educate you about color and pizzazz," he lectures, showing off his pendulous package, which has dubbed the "Centerpiece," in shocking pink trunks. "I'm the definition of greatness!" His enormous package epitomizes Jobe's well-earned reputation. Supremely self-confident against the biggest and baddest in the business, he is ballsy as hell. And with extensive ring skills, the veteran is also a major league dick, ready to lie, cheat, and steal his way to victory.

Jobe's fawning self-love and obsession with appearances disarms Mitch from respecting the heel's dangerous skills. Jobe scores an initial takedown and swarms his fitness model opponent with a barrage brutal stomps and elbow drops to his lower back. He stunningly scoops the handsome hunk across his chest and drives him down with authority into an over-the-knee backbreaker. When Mitch grabs the ropes, Jobe openly laughs at his call for a clean break. Rocked hard, suddenly big Mitch finds himself flat on his back, staring up at the Centerpiece shoved in his face. "How does victory smell?" Jobe cackles, perched proudly on Mitch's powerful pecs in a schoolboy pin.

A little success goes to Jobe's head. Even as his gaze wanders to the mirror reflecting the gargantuan glory of package dangling over Mitch's gasping mouth, Jobe leaves himself open for a quick reversal. Suddenly, Mitch is the one gloating in the revenge schoolboy pin, flexing his mouthwatering muscles and pointing at his black clad bulge resting on Jobe's chin. "Who's got the Centerpiece now," Mitch asks with a smirk.

The heel doesn't take kindly to the attempt to upstage his bulge. His bear trap ball claw makes big Mitch fall like timber. Like a terrier with a bone, he literally drags Mitch, screaming in agony, across the ring by testicles. Sweat pours off of both bronzed bodies as the punishment grows more personal and punishing. "The tide has turned, Mitch the Bitch," Jobe sneers, battering his crotch with stomps, knee strikes and fists.

Sweat pools across the mat as both blond beauties work ferociously to emasculate one another with vicious crotch attacks. "Centerpiece this," Mitch snarls furiously as he exploits his towering height and glistening muscles to shakes Jobe like a ragdoll in a fabulous, flexing full nelson. Lubricated by gallons of sweat and tears, their bodies slip and slide out of submission holds. Jobe stops the muscle hunk in his tracks, shoving his hand between Mitch's upper thighs from behind and crushing his balls. "I'm the Centerpiece here," Jobe shouts over Mitch's wounded screams, "and you're nothing!"

The battle for bragging rights drives both men to the bitter edge of endurance. Determined to upstage one another, the buff, blond beefcakes clutch tight to the one thing they can manage to keep hold of with so much slippery sweat between them. Boatloads of beautiful muscles strain against one another, but there's only powerful muscle that comes out on top today, namely the beautiful, bouncing bulge swinging in victory over his vanquished challenger.

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Mitch the Bitch is cornered, floored, and brutally boot choked on the bottom turnbuckle

Ever the sadist, Jobe delights in Colby's pain as he mauls the picture perfect stud's package

Mitch's big helpless bod cornered and exposed to trunk-pulling Jobe's dirty tactics

Jobe aims to finish Mitch off with a big elbow drop to the back of the big man's skull

The Centerpiece is a big swinging target as Mitch zeroes in for a trunk pulling gutbash in the corne

Colby cries out in abject pain as his spine snaps in Jobe's over the knee backbreaker

Mitch: 6'2", 206 lbs of muscle vs Jobe's 190

Big, bad Mitch drags and tosses Zander up and over for a ring-rattling slam

Mitch teaches Jobe a thing or two about the place of "pizzaz and color" in the wrestling ring

Mitch snatches the pretty in pink punk up off the mat in a rib-crushing bearhug

Mitch measures up for total control of Jobe with a grip on both his throat and Centerpieces

With Mitch planted on his ass in the middle of the ring, he's unable to fight off the arm puller

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