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  Austin Cooper vs. Tim Messina

Austin Cooper: 5'9, 170 lbs

Coop lays trapped and spread out like a side of beef, helpless against his foe's ab claw

Cooper's muscles are rendered impotent as he suffers in a double-arm jap strangle

Cooper is completely helpless in this matchup in a neck-crunching, rollup legsplit

Cooper finds himself completely outmatched, withering in the smaller punk's headscissors

Tim proves bigger isn't always better as he chokes the power out of Cooper with his wrist wraps

Big Guys Only? Not So Fast!

The chances of lightweight scrapper Tim Messina defeating legendary muscle hunk Austin Cooper must be about the same as the chances of getting struck by lightning. In other words, not fucking likely. Austin sports more muscle in one massive pec than Tim has across his entire wiry frame. In the last match Austin wrestled, he single-handedly beat the living shit out of two veteran pro wrestlers whose combined muscle mass and years of ring experience crumbled like dust in the face of the Golden Boy's irrepressible offense. Handling just one lightweight opponent seems like a gross mismatch by comparison.

Piling on to the long odds, Tim has suffered some of the most lopsided squashes in BG East history. He knows wrestling. Hell, he loves wrestling, which explains why he's taken his humiliating defeats and immediately signed up for more. He's earned years of indy pro and underground experience that make him a serious threat anytime he steps onto the mats. But heart and soul only carry an aspiring wrestler so far when faced with lush, massive, dominating muscles like Austin Cooper posesses.

"What are you, like 80 pounds," Austin sneers, barely giving Tim a glance before returning to flex his fan-favorite physique in the mirror. The Golden Boy is in impeccable form, swole and pumped, sporting a tightly trimmed red beard to match his candy apple red boots and lace-crotch square cut trunks. When Tim holds up his hand, demanding a collar and elbow lock up, Austin throws back his head and laughs like Hercules being challenged by a mere mortal.

Austin easily muscle-bullies the lightweight hopeful around the mat. A sudden snap-mare pounds Tim to his back violently. Austin returns to the entrancing image of his beautiful muscles flexing in the mirror until Tim climbs back to his feet. Another snap mare pounds Tim back down like child's play. Suddenly scooped up off his feet in a smothering bearhug, Tim seems to disappear in the layers of lush muscle draped around him, squeezing him tightly, pressing the air from his lungs and threatening to snap his ribs. "There should be a sign here that says 'Big Guys Only,'" Austin gloats, shaking him like a rag doll.

Hanging there, half a foot off the ground, unable to breathe in Austin's brutal embrace, Tim finds himself at a crossroads. With fate seeming to conspire against him yet again, praying for a miracle to turn this muscle romp around, Tim has a choice to make. Either he soaks up the ocean of punishment Austin has in store for him, like he's done time and time again to his utter humiliation, or he takes matters into his own hands. A violently swinging knee to Austin's crotch signals exactly what Tim thinks of his odds.

Lightning strikes again and again as Tim stomps, punches, and gouges every inch of the writhing Golden Boy in the fetal position at his feet. Something has come unhinged in Tim. Every humiliation he's suffered, every lopsided defeat fuels a blatant disregard for sportsmanship or common decency. He secures an ankle lock and throws his full weight into twisting Austin's knee to the breaking point. In a gorgeously arching leglock, Tim applies surgically precise pressure to do permanent damage to the targeted knee. "Come on, big-for-nothing," Tim snarls savagely, "give it up!"

With even a moment to rally, Austin could easily dig himself out of this hole. But for once, Tim doesn't give his opponent even a moment. He pries open Austin's thickly muscled thighs in a fully exposed spladle and viciously claws the Golden Boy's quivering balls. He snaps his lean, powerful legs around Austin's dazed head and pounds his legendarily pretty face into the mat in completely dominating headscissors. The tenacious terrier doesn't let up for a second, even choking the befuddled muscle hunk with his bare hands. "Having a hard time breathing," Tim screams the question in his face with a sadistic sneer.

"Little" Tim takes Austin places no opponent has ever managed before. Abdominal stretches and sickening claws digging into his gut drive Austin to attempt to drag his agony-wracked muscles out the door. "This creep has me sweating," Tim snarls, grabbing him by the ankles and dragging him back into hell. "I don't like sweating," Tim barks, taking out his displeasure by making the Golden Boy scream and weep.

You've never seen Austin or Tim quite like this before. Maybe it was overconfidence born of way too much success on Austin's part. Perhaps it was being driven over the edge by such a long resume of humiliation on Tim's part. Whatever the reason, lightning strikes over and over again, leading to the biggest upset of the year, if not the decade!

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A leg-twisting figure-four leglock has the fitness model pinup screaming in agony

The sweat-soaked twink continues to torture and break down the bodybuilder's legs

A high-arching bridge hold leg lock has Cooper rolled up and stretched out helplessly

Cooper writhes and wriggles as he tries to crawl free of Tim's torturous leglock

Messina uses his smaller muscle to keep Coop pinned to the mat with an inverted headlock

Austin holds and soothes his battered abs as he wallows in defeat on the mats

Tim Messina: 5'8, 145 lbs

What Tim lacks in size he makes up for in tenacity as he unloads on Austin's broad back

Messina coils and crushes the muscleboy's body with a torturous ab-stretch

A rare moment of offense for the adonis with a rib-crushing bearhug on Messina

Tim is intent on breaking down every inch of Austin's body with a ball-clawing spladle

Cooper watches on helplessly, trapped as Messina unloads holy hell on the sculpted midsection

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