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  Kirk Donahue vs. Grant Connors

Kirk Donahue: 5'10, 170 lbs

Kirk bulges beautifully, helpless in big Connors' neck-crunching full nelson hold

Kirk manages to bring Connors to the mat and works a rib-crushing bodyscissors

Kirk wilts and withers weakly, his ribs crushed and collapsing in a tight bearhug

Connors drops and watches a groggy Kirk fade out in his tight rear naked choke hold

Donahue's mouthwatering, bounteous bubblebutt takes center stage as he lies sleepered on the mats

"That's what you get for stepping onto the mat with a pro!"

Last winter's Wrestling with Pride event is the homoerotic wrestling fan's gift that just keeps on giving. Grant Connors was in the audience that night to watch notorious jobber Kirk Donahue eek out a stunning, upset victory in front of the screaming crowds. But big Grant is more than just a casual fan. He's been an avid follower of Kirk's wrestling career for years. As one of the most recent apples of The Boss' eye, Grant merely had to ask for a late night shot at Kirk after the show was over, and the rookie beefcake's wish was granted.

"I've seen you in the ring getting your ass beat," Grant smirks when they arrive in the mat room. "Now you're on my turf," the big man gloats, flexing his thick biceps in Kirk's face. "Now, I've had my fair share of wins and losses in the ring," Kirk counters petulantly, "but I think I can dominate you on the mat." It's like music in Grant's ears. More precisely, it's like the dinner bell ringing, and Grant is one ravenously hungry rookie muscle hunk!

The opening action is intense and brutal. Big Grant bulges everywhere, but perhaps most impressively inside his tight pink briefs. But Kirk's legendary bulges are simply awe-inspiring, with his blue trunks wedged high up his round ass and sculpted around his behemoth crotch. Grant shoulder tackles his much smaller opponent to the mat and climbs on his back, letting gravity and his powerfully muscled body bear down hard. However, Kirk is sensationally fit and a fierce ground fighter, pushing that rock uphill and scrambling on top of his beefy opponent. The seasoned pro wrestler snaps on a front facelock and cranks hard with every straining muscle to put the heavy weight rookie in his place.

Kirk is fiercely aggressive, and he demonstrates that he knows his way around a heavily muscled rookie's body. He begins to concentrate blows and claws into Grant's core, setting him up for a technically perfect, fully suspended abdominal stretch, turning gravity to his own advantage as he manhandles the powerhouse while stretching out every core muscle and tendon. "What do you say, Grant? That's what you get for stepping onto the mat with a pro," Kirk crows.

The boys trade submissions back and forth, matching studied skill and finesse over against brute force and amorous roughhousing. In the classic battle between skill and strength, Grant's incredible muscles start to build momentum. When Kirk attempts to lock down an elbow-snapping armbar, Grant flexes his bulging bicep powerfully, neutralizing the hold. Kirk throws his entire body weight into trying to extend the captured arm, but Grant manages to climb to his feet and arm curl his opponent like a warm-up dumbbell, before brutally pounding Kirk to the mat.

Grant warms openly to the thrill of making a big time pro whimper and writhe. Kirk's eyes nearly pop out of his head when the muscle rookie's gargantuan thighs snap shut around his midsection and start to squeeze. "How do those tree trunk legs feel," he asks, wanting to hear the indy pro narrate the impact he is having on him. "They're... pretty strong," Kirk gasps honestly. The confession makes Grant beam ear to ear. "That's right," the rookie basks in the advantage.

Fans of spectacular bulges will not be able to take their eyes off of Kirk's dangling crotch or Grant's magnificent glutes persistently flexing out over the top of his trunks. One hot hunk's beautiful body goes slack, again and again, in catch-and-release sleeper holds, as his opponent molds him like clay into a compliant, helpless plaything. Dragged to his feet by a fistful of hair, the fading contender is battered and bruised, twisted and tortured in an endless stream of shocking humiliations. Well past the point of victory, the last man standing makes it his mission to dominate his opponent in body and soul. "You'll get up when I tell you to get up," the flexing conqueror lays down the rules. Giving fans a tour of his mouthwatering bulges, he pumps his pretty muscles with one foot perched atop his fallen prey. "Lying in a heap, just like I like them," he announces, settling the question of which counts more, skill or strength. For now.

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Kirk battles back to stay in this one with a suspended armbar on the big boy

Donahue arches and flexes trying to roll and muscle his way free of the grounded full nelson

Kirk's spine bends and breaks, warped in Connors' broad-shouldered torture rack

The muscled rookie works a tight bodyscissors, inverted headlock combination

Kirk battles to keep the bigger brawler grounded with a prostrated toe hold, double arm underhook

Connors pins his lighter foes arms to the mat with a crotch-ripping grapevine

Grant Connors: 5'11, 205 lbs

Connors cranks down, pouring even more pressure on the already debilitating nelson

Connors lords his power over his smaller opponent with a leg-hooked schoolboy pin

Donahue mounts and wraps his body around the big boy in a scaling abstretch variation

Connors crushing bearhug has Kirk's tight, ripped muscle sagging, failing, and fading

Connors is nowhere near finished when it comes to Kirk as he drags him back up by his hair

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