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  Bruno LaBestia vs. Calvin Haynes

Bruno LaBestia: 5'7, 190 lbs

Bruno aims to hurt and humiliate the buff prettyboy with a crotch to face schoolboy pin

Bruno lifts Calvin up off of the mat, muscling him in a rib-crushing reverse bearhug

Calvin and Bruno lock lips and limbs for a big and beefy showdown in the Shack

Calvin flexes and lifts himself, crotch ripping the beast while working a powerful headscissor

LaBestia writhes and claws at the beefy bod of a flexing Calvin in a tight bodyscissors

Hairy-Chested Carnivores

Big beefy powerhouses collide in the Wrestleshack in our main event. Bruno initiates the action, hanging from a rafter and doing chin-ups while scissoring handsome Calvin's midsection. Calvin turns the tables on him with a bearhug. He pries Bruno off the beam and slams him to the mat for a sexy schoolboy pin. These sturdy, sumptuously upholstered brutes bring oomph to the shack like you've never seen. Fans of either man or both will eat up the flirty, teasing byplay that keeps the contest smoldering from start to finish. These guys have long been aching to get their paws on each other, and the heat they generate is palpable.

Fresh off his fan-pleasing bout with Ty Alexander (winner as Sexiest Match of 2017), Bruno declared his intent to duplicate that triumph with a heavyweight next time. Who could fill the bill better than Calvin, a three-time winner in the BGE fan polls (Best Debut of 2016, Best Submission, Best Liplock)? Haynes is built like a linebacker, and he has the aw-shucks charm of a small-town hero. Even Bruno is immediately smitten with the guy, and the natural chemistry between these two is volatile and totally engrossing. The way Calvin's abdomen and groin bear down on Bruno's barrel chest is all-American he-man magic!

Calvin's thighs exact vigorous and incontestable punishment on Bruno in a scissors hold that seems to last forever. Even Bruno, through gritted teeth, has to admit their impressive power. Eventually LaBestia retaliates with a wrenching abdominal stretch that forces Haynes to tap out. "You give already?" Bruno murmurs hoarsely as he repositions Calvin for more pain. "I'm just getting started." He latches his own scissors hold onto Calvin's waist, sending electric spasms through the length and breadth of the man's body. The protruding veins on Haynes's forehead and neck attest the tight, fast grip of LaBestia's legs.

Eight minutes into the fray, not even a third of the way into it, the bodies are slick with sweat, and the breaths are shorter but heavier. Cocks, balls, and nipples have not been spared savage handling, and the battle becomes more sensuous as the advantage shifts from one combatant to the other. Scissors, bear hugs, ab stretches, nelsons, and rear naked chokes, the preferred arsenal of big brutes everywhere, dominate the action. Mostly there's the incessant pounding of body on body. Eroticism interlaces the martial assaults at an accelerating pace.

Calvin and Bruno hold their clenches for as long as possible, building intensity and heat with each passing second. The slow animal strain of body on body both stimulates and consumes the wrestlers. Their grunts and groans underscore the rhythmic upheavals of their bodies. These men roll over each other, limbs and fingers interlaced, testing their strength and willpower against each other. The closer they get to exhaustion, the harder they push themselves to outlast and conquer the other guy. There's pure joy in the struggle. Even while attempting to wipe each other out, these men seem to be forging a lasting bond.

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Bruno savors the taste of victory as he dominates and overcomes Calvin's bulkier bod

Calvin's thick quads crush the hairy, beefy body of the Beast in a side bodyscissors

A reverse bodyscissors locks and brings LaBestia to the mat and latches on a crotch claw

Calvin looks to put the Beast to rest with a suffocating, reverse figure four headscissors

Bruno drives his heel into Calvin's face as he works a leg-pulling submission hold

Calvin bulges and arches high in a powerful, rib-crushing bodyscissors on LaBestia

Calvin Haynes: 5'9", 200

Bruno turns up the heat in the already sweltering shack with sexy earplay on the linebacker

Calvin drops the beast to the mat, slowing his offense down with a vicious ball claw

Calvin and Bruno take a moment to appreciate and admire Calvin's hunky bod

Calvin battles back from a pinned position as he sinks his teeth into Bruno's nipple

The sweaty, big and beefy studs succumbing to lust and locking lips in the Shack

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