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  Kenny Starr vs. Toney Rico

Kenny Starr: 5'9, 175 lbs

Toney is itching to shut the smaller muscled pretty boy up with a modified boston crab

Kenny sitting pretty with a victorious bicep flex as he grinds his bulge into Toney's face

Toney brings the house down almost quite literally with a pillar posting blow to Kenny's spine

Insult to injury Kenny makes Toney feel up his abs as he works a double armbar

Toney gets fucking dogwalked by the muscled prettyboy, leashed with his foe's gear

Biceps WILL be kissed!

The contrast between Kenny Starr and Toney Rico as they stare one another down is stunning. Toney is a massive mountain of beef. Towering over Kenny, he looks like a landslide crashing down on the kid as they unceremoniously lock up in the middle of the gazebo. Giving away more than 30 pounds to his powerhouse opponent, Kenny may appear to be the underdog, but don't count him out too soon. He is amply equipped with sensational assets of his own, from his crystal cut physique to his lightning quick reflexes. As the shit-eating grin on Kenny's baby face demonstrates, not only is he not intimidated by big Toney, the eternal optimist swears he can smell victory in the clean, outdoor air.

Squaring off in muscle-hugging collegiate singlets, the boys have agreed to a clean match, testing the legitimate mat skills they both earned in amateur wrestling competition before arriving on our doorstep. As the action heats up, however, Kenny's dazzling speed and agility quickly tilt the early match momentum in his direction. He darts under Toney's massive arms to snap on a chicken-wing and commandingly slam the big man face-first into the mat. Mounted on Toney's back, Kenny's lock tight full nelson neutralizes any size advantage that Toney is counting on. "Get off me," Toney bitches angrily as he's schooled decisively by the small fry. "You're making this too easy," Kenny crows, his cocky smirk stretching ear to ear. "Come on, little man," Kenny taunts.

The tight confines of the gazebo make it nearly impossible for big Toney to work up a head of steam. The venue favors speed and mat technique, and Kenny is a step ahead of him at every turn. Just as Toney starts to bear down on him, the blond beauty ducks out of the way, tripping the big man to the mat. He controls the muscleman, trapping Toney's arms behind his back and forcing the palms of Toney's hands to stroke the fantasyman physique of his tormentor. "I'm just the best, ain't I," Kenny asks as if his hot body and total domination are likely to make the behemoth beneath him concede the point.

No one is as shocked as Toney to see him plowed over by the likes of Kenny. When he finds himself flat on his back in a schoolboy pin, there's obvious incredulity on his face as the pin-up boy taunts him mercilessly overhead. "Do you want to kiss my bicep," Kenny asks, flashing his fan-pleasing peaks. "Come on, tell me you love it," the preening pretty boy demands. With shock on his face, Toney concedes, "I'll kiss it." If you thought Kenny's grin couldn't grow any bigger, just watch as he leans forward for his opponent's submissive smooch.

The cracking smack of Toney's platter-sized palm slapping the shit out of Kenny's pretty face brings this heretofore lopsided romp back into focus. All that momentum that Toney couldn't put his hands on slowly starts to grind Kenny's phenomenal physique into putty. His bearhug rings every ounce of air from Kenny's lungs, before he pounds him viciously into a gazebo post. He slams the once cocky kid to the mat, sits on his face, and folds him over in order to spank his muscled ass relentlessly. "Who's the little man now!?"

In one of the most competitive matches you'll see this year, David and Goliath peel off their sweat-soaked singlets. Both fierce fighters nearly knock each other out more than once. No one will be surprised that all promises of a clean match are broken, but no one could have predicted the repeated reversals of fortune as Toney and Kenny dig deeper than ever before, dancing on the knife's edge of saving face or submitting. Almost literally snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, one glistening gladiator rises victorious over his unconscious foe, his singlet shoved down the loser's throat.

Stunning power, speed, glistening muscles, spanking and total domination converge to make this match sensationally unpredictable and profoundly satisfying!

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Toney uses his own bigger body as pivot point to further wreck Kenny's back with a crossbody

Kenny bears down on the chinlock variation in an effort to send Toney to dreamland in defeat

Kenny rides and rocks Toney to sleep, staring into his fading eyes in a kiss-of-death sleeper

Prostrated and leglocked, Toney gets his face ground into the dirt by the smaller bully

Kenny isn't long for this world as Toney's massive biceps swallow his skull with a rear choke

Kenny pushes and powers up with a crushing bodyscissors wringing the air from Toney's lungs

Toney Rico: 6'1, 210 lbs

Kenny rides the bigger stud into the mat with a seated, double armbar hold in the gazebo

"Who's the little man now?!" Toney demands with a face-sitting bicep flex on a rolled-up Kenny

Toney gets his hands all over Kenny's sexy marbled core with a vicious, double ab claw

Up close and very personal, a schoolboyed Toney gets a faceful of the muscleboy's bulge

Kenny struggles and suffers sexily and mightily in Toney's backbreaking full-nelson camel combo

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