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  Tim Messina vs. Lon Dumont

Tim Messina: 5'8, 140 lbs

Messina's chin gets cranked into his chest in Dumont's neck-crunching leg nelson

Lon continues to cart Messina around the mat, working the young punk over in the bearhug

Dumont twists and tears at Tim's neck, looking to pop his head right off his shoulders

Messina finds himself in a world of pain, reaching for the ropes as Lon keeps him trapped

Dumont kneels on top of Messina's broken body for a stage-ready flex routine

Rookie Wrecker

Lon Dumont has never gotten the respect he feels he's entitled to around the BGEast compound, and he doesn't understand it at all. Does he not have the body of a god, with practically no body fat and ab definition so deep you can stick fingers in there? Is he not a master of the ring, taking down everyone sent to face him? Isn't the best looking, well, the best of everything that a wrestler could possibly want? So pity poor rookie Tim Messina, who's basically the slab of meat thrown into the tiger's cage to try to appease him.

Lon looks at the young man and sees yet another example of the disrespect he's endured. "Now they want me to fucking train rookies?" he seethes, while plastering a welcoming, friendly smile on his face. He walks out of his corner, that snaky smile plastered on his lips, his hand outstretched to shake Tim's....and Tim makes the evergreen rookie mistake of letting down his guard and reaching for a friendly handshake. There's a lesson: always do your homework on your opponent! Lon takes his hand, grips, and the smile fades as he pulls Tim close and drives a brutal knee right into Tim's midsection! The kid crumbles, and with a sad shake of his head Lon drags him up by the hair and throws him into the corner.

They want me to break the kid in, I'll break him in, he thinks as he storms over to the corner, enjoying briefly the flicker of fear he sees in the kid's eyes. He whips him across the ring even harder into the opposite corner and waits for him to bounce back out in the center, and as Tim's body comes closer he grabs him into a bearhug and hoists him up into the air like he's nothing. Another shake of the head and roll of the eyes, and Lon whispers, "How much can you take?" Lon's muscles aren't for show, either - as Tim's screams and bulging eyes can attest as Lon tightens the hold, stomping his foot every once in a while to increase the pressure.

Tim resists as long as he can before the pain overwhelms him and the submission is torn from his lips involuntarily. Lon holds him up a little while longer...says "okay" and then slams him down on his back, hard, on the mat. Gasping for air, his back aflame with pain, his eyes not focused, Tim is only vaguely aware of Lon's approach until he feels the pressure in his hair, and he reflexively follows it upward, only to be slammed headfirst into the nearest turnbuckle - then led to another one for good measure. Grasping onto the ropes for balance simply gives Lon the chance to use the top rope to choke him for a little while, then whip him off the ropes and into a camel clutch. Lon is just toying with him now, like a cat with a toy, tossing in variations on the camel clutch to make the suffering even worse.

Finally he lifts him back up into that horrible bearhug again, but Tim desperately throws some elbows into Lon's ribs, finally breaking free - but Lon just shakes him off and lifts him back up into the bearhug! Tim screams out another submission, and now Lon throws an elbow to his forehead. "I could put you out of your misery now," Lon tells him with a regretful smile, "but what fun would that be?" Tim desperately screams out another submission, but Lon will decide when this is over - not the young rookie.

Corner to corner, chokes, Lon keeps on beating him, getting down on the mat with Tim when he crumples, talking to him some more while Tim's nightmare doesn't seem to be ending any time soon - and the panic in his eyes is palpable. Lon will be finished with him when he is finished with Tim - and there are still some humiliations left in his bag of tricks...

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Tim Messina vs. Lon Dumont
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Jobberpaloozer 16 Arena Galleries

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Tim's body snaps like a tiny reed in the wind as Lon lands a huge blow to his jaw

Tim continues to cry out in pain as Lon carries him high, aloft in a crushing bearhug

Tim's skinny little arms drop lifeless to the mat as Lon's powerful rear chinlock puts him out

Dumont locks Tim down, keeping him in place as he wears him down with a rear chinlock

A reverse bearhug has the air being forced from Tim's lungs by Lon's massive arms

Messina flops and gags, gasping for air as Lon bears down with a blatant choke

Lon Dumont: 5'7, 150 lbs

Lon yanks the smaller, leaner stud off of his feet in a torturous, rib-crushing bearhug

Lon gets caught by the smaller stud as Tim spears his shoulder into his gut

Dumont bears down with an iron claw, dropping Messina hard to the mat on his knees

Tim already looks ready to drop as Dumont drives a big elbow into the top of his skull

Lon Dumont is all smiles as he shows off his perfectly sculpted physique before his match

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