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  Kayden Keller vs. Rolf Fulton

Kayden Keller: 6'2, 175 lbs

The seductive master of he steamier side of BG works an abstretch on lean pro stud Fulton

Kayden is in a world of hurt as he suffers in Rolf's head-twisting double armbar submission

Rolf struggles under the superior weight as Kayden rides him around the ring in a rear choke

Rolf is bound and helpless in the ropes, his eyes rolling back in his head in a tight sleeperhold

Rolf crumbles against his superior adversary, the life sucked from him in the kiss of death

The Chain

The first rule of wrestling in a ring is expect anything at any time - and woe to the foolish wrestler who forgets! Rolf Fulton, long and lean, is nobody's fool, and as a long-time heel for BG East, he should have known that signing to wrestle BGE's super-heel Kayden Keller meant he needed to be aware and to beware. And yet he stands in the middle of the ring, focused on warming up, oblivious to our most vicious working heel sneaking up behind him with a chain in his hands.

Chains are made for choking, after all, and Kayden puts his to good use, catching Rolf off-guard and cutting off his air. With everything starting to go gray as his air is cut off, Rolf has the ring savvy to keep his weight on his heels, inexorably inching his brutal foe back into a corner, before pushing hard with his legs to catapult them both back into the corner, his weight smashing into Kayden's body and knocking his air out! Freed and gasping for air, Rolf gets slammed to the mat viciously.

Kayden is out for blood, and he can sniff out his opponent's weakness instinctively, like a animal hunting his prey - and the smirk on his face gives away his own pleasure at hurting others, and he loves nothing more than putting someone through a series of painful, varied holds. But Rolf is trained to ignore the pain, to focus on his own inner core of strength, and he catches Kayden off-guard with a particularly nasty and surprising reversal! Now it's Kayden's turn to cry out in agony as Rolf goes after his knees - first with a spinning toe hold, and then a ligament snapping figure four!

Kayden's no pushover and he also feeds off his own pain to convert it to energy - the energy he needs to keep his own focus and reverse Rolf. The two put on an incredible display of wrestling holds and how to reverse them, as their bodies become slick with sweat and their grunts become groans, as muscles and joints strain to resist, to fight back, to not surrender to the now-hated foe. Rolf is no stranger to illegal holds and strikes - as Kayden finds out to his own displeasure. It seems every time he thinks he has Rolf beaten, the stud somehow manages to find a way to turn it all around on Kayden, make him suffer. The chain comes back into play again, as Kayden uses it to cut Rolf's air again and again, as he works over Rolf's knees, his quads, his abs, his back. It is a tool of destruction, a method to his madness...but Rolf refuses to quit, refuses to allow Kayden the win his ego needs and wants and desires, almost as much as he needs and wants and desires to hurt Rolf.

As the match goes on, Kayden's nastiness becomes more and more brutal, as Rolf struggles to keep his eyes open, keep his body fighting on, refusing to go down. Rolf gets the chain away from him and now turnabout is, as always, fair play - and Kayden screams out his own agony as Rolf takes him through his own paces. The fight goes on, grimmer and nastier, as each refuses to be bashed, to surrender, to let the other get the win they both want so badly they can taste it, as their sweat commingles and the blows became harder and more desperate, the holds longer and more brutal, until finally one man's body can take no more.

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Fulton wears down leather stud pup Kayden with a skull-crushing headscissors

Kayden takes the battle to the mats as he works a crippling figure four leghold on Fulton

Rolf lets out a victorious roar as he watches the light fade from a headscissored Kayden's eyes

Rolf is stretched out and tortured with Kayden's vicious, crushing, deep-digging ab claw

Using the chain as bit and bridle, Fulton breaks and tames Kayden in a crippling crossface

Lean, sexy, pro stud muffin Rolf lies beaten and broken, another victim of Kayden Keller

Rolf Fulton: 6'1, 160 lbs

Kayden puts a foreign object to use as Rolf fights to pull the chain links from his throat

The dark centerpiece of BG East served up on a platter in Rolf's suspended bow-and-arrow

Kayden kneels wasted and weakened, dazed at the feet of a power-tripping Fulton

Kayden snatches at Rolf's flailing limbs as he stretches and wrecks his legs

Kayden wrecks Rolf with a knee-to-spine, surfboarding, double-arm jap strangle

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