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  Brad Barnes vs. Zach Reno

Brad Barnes: 5’8, 200 lbs

Lil' grizzly Reno cranks big buff bad backwards in a neck-stretching camel clutch

Babyface Brad digs deep in his bull bag of tricks with a humbling wedgie on his small foe

Everybody before this match even started all be like...

Brad, a perfect muscled specimen, is lugged and commanded around by the little Zach

Striking one for the little guys Zach kneels and flexes over the conquered bodybuilder

I'm the Competition

Strongman Brad strikes poses in the ring, griping about the "chump" he's been booked to wrestle. "For a big guy," he confides to the camera, "I got some finesse." He's halfway to a double biceps pose when Zach bursts into the room, climbs into the ring, and gets right into Brad's face to call him "small." The balls on this guy! Barnes can't believe his eyes and ears. The Boss expects him to share the ring with this blowhard? He tries to ignore the upstart, but Reno will not be ignored, yammering, "I'm the competition! I'm the competition!" Suddenly Zach tosses his entrance vest over Brad's head and punches him in the abs and jaw. Brad falls facedown on the mat, and Zach repeatedly stomps on the bodybuilder's upper back.

Zach amplifies the abuse. He rubs Brad's face to the mat like it's an eraser, then pulls up the head by a fistful of hair, then twists the man's right ankle at an excruciating angle. All Brad can do is grimace and grunt like a trapped animal. When Reno releases, he touts the size and firmness of his own biceps, totally convinced that he's bigger and stronger than Barnes. He shows off for the camera while his opponent writhes on the mat. Then he returns to the set of tactics he will rely on for most of the remainder of the match, that is, nonstop assaults on Brad's joints (ankles, knees, elbows, and shoulders). Half the time Barnes doesn't even know what just hit him.

This is not to say that Barnes lies down for all this. A minute after Zach's initial assault, Barnes is blasting back at his mouthy competition. The largest chunk of this fight is give and take, with the advantage bouncing between these two like a ping-pong ball, or maybe a grenade! It's a full-on battle between brawn and arrogance. Brad's attacks are as outsized as his physique. Between attacks he strikes muscle poses for the camera, legs parted to accentuate the thighs and calves, hard as granite. With his back to his opponent, Brad thrusts his muscle towards the camera, leaving him (you guessed it!) vulnerable to a forearm thrust up between the thighs to the balls.

Low blows are a villain's best friend. But perhaps nothing wears down an adversary as much as repeated and relentless strikes to the joints. Brad's muscles are useless when every point of articulation between the bones is under assault. Even if Zach is not quite as big as he thinks he is, he stands tall when Brad is groveling on the mat. The vicious back and forth eventually climaxes in a knockout, the loser, face and chest to the canvas. So, who's still on his feet in the end? Is it wily and mouthy Zach? Or is it the big guy with "finesse," all muscle and glowering attitude?

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Brad Barnes vs. Zach Reno
28 minutes

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Zach asking Brad if he's got anything left at all as he bends him into a scorpion

Seizing control with a hangman Brad works Zach up for a ring-shaking backdrop

A bow and arrow may spell the end for a fantasyman Brad win as Zach breaks him into position

Brad works towards making Zach back into the little fuckboy he is with a crushing headscissors

The first rule of beating a big guy is to break his legs down until he can't stand as Zach shows

The second rule is to keep him grounded as much as possible to neutralize his size advantage

Zach Reno: 5'8, 160 lbs

All Brad's big beautiful muscle is bent and broken, stretched out in Reno's abstretch

Reno intends to snuff big burly Brad out of this contest with a kneedrop to his throat

Reno twists to turn and watch the fruits of his labor as Brad is broken into submission

Brad gets a measure of respect back as he muscles the hairy heel into a torture rack

With a neckcranking pin, Zach rolls Brad up and works away at wrecking his knee joint

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