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  Jobe Zander vs. Joe Robbins

Jobe Zander: 6', 190 lbs

Zander is paralyzed when faced with this much muscle set up for a chokeslam

Joe wants to put the mouthy egomaniac to rest with a big, ring shaking suplex

Jobe is drunk on power standing dominantly above an exposed leg-split Robbins

Joe carries Cole around with complete ease and brings down in an over-the-knee backbreaker

Zanders writhes and arches off the canvas looking more the worse for wear against Joe

Built for Show, Built for Go

Few wrestlers possess the earthy vigor and horsepower of Joe Robbins. The guy is taller and heavier than almost anyone else on the BG East roster. His muscle has been put to the test against some of the company's brawniest competition, guys like Dick Rick, Eddy Rey, and Donnie Drake, bronze warriors who have proved their mettle against this mountain of a man. Just to watch him as he warms up in the opening seconds of this contest unleashes the same primitive emotions one feels when confronted by a tiger or cascading rapids. Who would be so bold and/or so foolhardy as to take on this muscle? Jobe Zander, of course ... maybe the biggest egomaniac in BGE history.

Jobe stands outside the ring and gives Joe the slow clap, saying "Impressive" in a flat tone of voice while the rest of his bearing resembles nothing so much as a yawn. He climbs through the ring ropes, cautioning Robbins never to turn his back to him. Nevertheless, Robbins stands with his back to Zander for a few more seconds. Then slowly he turns to face his bigmouth opponent, the self-proclaimed "Centerpiece," who moves the one-sided conversation to the topic of the impressive bulge that stretches the front of his (Zander's) pink trunks. Irresistibly, the camera zooms in for a closer look. Centerpiece, indeed! The two men are now circling each other, but Jobe goes on talking, saying, "You guys. You're built for show. The 'Z Man' Jobe Zander, Centerpiece of wrestling! I'm built for go." Nevertheless, the sight of Robbins, smilelessly circling, would strike fear into any sane man's heart.

Joe breaks the initial lockups, thrusting Jobe to the mat like the guy's a human flyswatter. The two converge a third time, but this time Zander kicks Robbins in the gut and attempts a front suplex. Robbins doesn't budge, smashing Zander to the mat instead. The Z Man kicks and thrashes, part muscle spasms, part temper tantrum. He gets up, and Robbins clotheslines him back down, not once, but five times in quick succession. Zander backs to the ropes, begging for mercy. Robbins clotheslines him over the ropes and onto the floor.

A mere four minutes into the match, and both athletes are shiny with sweat. (Joe and Jobe alike are prodigious perspirers.) Jobe reenters the ring, thrusting his shoulder into Joe's midsection. He follows up with a low blow. Big mistake! Now he's pissing Robbins off. Joe starts slamming him down with the force of a fighter jet in a nosedive, ultimately delivering a spinal readjustment across his knee. The only thing harder than the licking Robbins is giving Zander is the bulge in the heel's pink trunks ... and viewers beware, that bulge may be contagious as brute strength continues to render justice to the unjust.

With two-thirds of the match to go, anything could happen, though. Whatever the ultimate outcome, fans of clock-cleaning comeuppance will have plenty to rejoice over. If not THE best, and we're not saying it isn't, Robbins vs Zander is easily one of the best matches either of these wrestlers has engaged in.

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Jobe Zander vs. Joe Robbins
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An enraged Robbins tosses Jobe across the ring with the ease he would swat a fly

Joe won't let Zander leave this ring with anything less than regret as he bodyslams him to the mat

Jobe's spine bend and bounces brutally across the broad shoulders of Robbins in a torture rack

Robbins has nowhere to go to escape the ever-running mouth of the cocksure Zanders

Finding himself doubled over in crippling agony, Robbins recovers from Jobe's onslaught

Zander's muscled body is tested and tortured against the pure tree-trunk quad power of Joe

Joe Robbins: 6'2, 240 lbs

With his knees as a pivot point for Zander's back, Joe cranks back with a bow-and-arrow

Zander's world is turned upside down as he's broken backfirst over Joe's big shoulder

Jobe's gear looks painted on his sculpted glutes as he sags lifelessly in Joe's big bearhug

Zander shakes a clenched fist in his defiant bid to make it free of Robbins' rib-crushing bearhug

Joe lets out a mighty roar of triumph as he poses with his broken musclemouth underfoot

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