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  Jonny Firestorm vs. Yahoo Majors

Young Jonny Firestorm: 5'5, 140 lbs

Yahoo stuns the competition as he stretches him out in a brutal, hairpulling abstretch

A double-underhooked Jonny wails in agony as his back is bent and broken over Yahoo's shoulder

Yahoo growls as he rolls his smaller foe up, forcing him to kiss his own knee in the pin

Yahoo brings his leaner foe down across his knee in a powerful, punishing backbreaker

A bulging Jonny Firestorm stretches and limbers up using the ring ropes for practice


Here's Jonny Firestorm in his gilded youth again, smooth, cut like a diamond, limbering up to take on a new opponent! Looking rookie-fresh and ready for action, his excitement over the upcoming match with a just-signed hire appears sculpted in relief on the front of his baby-blue wrestling trunks. Yahoo Majors swaggers to the ring, grumbling: "Hey, half-pint! I saw my name up on the board. My ring now." Jonny is confused. He thought it was his turn to be in the ring practicing, but Yahoo corks his attempt to explain the situation. Jonny suggests training together. His opponent scoffs, thinking size and thickness are superior to strength and agility in wrestling. He underestimates Firestorm. Could be his funeral.

Yahoo tricks Jonny to face away and show off his shoulder muscles. He attacks from behind, but Jonny dodges, and when the dumbfounded lout turns, Jonny dropkicks him on the shoulder, and when the guy gets back up, Jonny dropkicks him on the face, and when Yahoo gets up yet again, Jonny greets him with an arm-drag takedown ... twice! Backing him into a corner, Jonny pursues the heel wannabe with a forearm smash. Firestorm attempts to take him down again, but Majors halts him and stiff-arms Jonny to the mat. Both men are hurting. Rather than let Jonny get back on his feet, Yahoo grabs him by the head and punches the back of his neck. Jonny crawls on his knees to the edge of the ring, where nasty Majors chokes him on the middle rope.

The young heel likes the taste of beating rookie Jonny up, but he doesn't really know what he's up against. The firestorm that launched Jonny's name and reputation is about to flare up! In a flash, Firestorm chicken-wings the slob. The big guy writhes and manages to reverse the hold, bending Jonny backwards into an arch. When he attempts a pinfall, Jonny grabs the guy's hair and pulls his head back. In a rage, Yahoo gets up and stomps on the already throbbing arm. Jonny lunges for the ropes and pulls himself up, then lands his boot on Majors' belly, elbows the neck, forearm-smashes the side of the face, and then snap-mares the bully's sorry ass to the mat. A head scissors gives Jonny a few seconds to shake the twinge off his left arm. Let's just say this: at this point we are just six minutes into the 32-minute battle. The Firestorm mayhem is just warming up.

It's a joy that would continue to this day, watching Jonny wrestle guys his size and build, but there is a special kind of wonderfulness in watching streamlined Jonny take on an oafish but ultraviolent heel like Yahoo Majors. Firestorm's a superhero in the ring â?? acrobatic, dramatic, relateable, vengeful, relentless, in every way spectacular! The give and take of this match is so well played that images of it are seared into memory. The suspense in its final five minutes is close to unbearable. We have never heard more agonized wailing or seen more tremoring muscle. At this point, both wrestlers are desperate, and anything could happen â?? and almost everything does! The battle careens out of the ring, leaving only one man still on his feet, the other man flailing at the victor's feet! The rookies on this classic product redefined the underground wrestling scene, and they did it here at BG East!

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Jonny Firestorm vs. Yahoo Majors
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Jonny's handsome face gets viciously fishhooked by the heel as he's bent backwards

His face ground into the mat, Jonny suffers under the boots of the wildman

Arms spread wide, neck and head driven into the mat, Yahoo gets rolled and folded

Jonny's bulging, powerful quads clamp down tight in a constricting figure-four headscissors

A young Jonny writhes on the ground, clutching at his busted back in his too-tight trunks

Yahoo reels as he's clocked with a flying dropkick from a ferocious Firestorm

Yahoo Majors: 5'7, 165 lbs

Jonny flexes and bends the beefier newbie with a chinlocking bodyscissors

His opponent trapped between his powerful thighs, Yahoo twists and pulls at his neck and head

Jonny is carried up powerfully into the air before being brought crashing back down to the mats

Yahoo carries Jonny up and over, bringing him crashing to the mat with a ring-shaking bodyslam

Jonny clutches at his battered ribs as he's doubled and bent, his arm ripped up between his legs

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