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  Dio Characi vs. Kayden Keller*

Dio Characi: 6', 190 lbs

Trapping his sexy foe against the wall, Kayden plows his knuckles deep in Dio's armored core

Kayden throws up a single arm-bicep flex as he chinlocks and controls his foe with ease

Dio gets folded in half with a cradle as Kayden applies a soul-sucking liplock

Kayden swells his considerable muscle advantage against a Dio in a rib-crushing bearhug

Dio suffers the same fate of so many who have dared step foot into Keller's domain

I Think Something's Going to Be Hard!

At Wrestlefest 4, Dio Characi clearly got under Kayden Keller's skin. The cherubic Brazilian hunk was on his way to being crowned the reigning Top Babyface and Best Body at BG East. Little wonder that he caught Kayden's eye, as our reigning bad boy was well on his way to earning his sixth Top Heel title in a row. Dio's relentless taunts and challenges from the audience even incited Kayden to take a time out from pummeling his jobber opponent in the ring in order to ominously stare down Dio at ringside. It was inevitable that the tension between them would result in a personal challenge to settle the age-old rivalry between babyface heroes and legendary heels.

Dio stretches on the mats, as he waits for Kayden to arrive. Watching his sensationally fit body on display, with his magnificent bubble butt packed tightly inside his green speedo, it's easy to see why fans voted him Best Body in the business. His muscles are pumped and his joints are limber when his sneering challenger arrives in a red speedo. "I was a little worried you might not show up," Kayden taunts, letting the doe-eyed hunk know he thinks of him as a coward. "Me?" Dio grins up defiantly. "I'm always ready." As they square off against one another in the middle of the mat, Kayden sneers. "I'm very glad you accepted this challenge," he says, copping an indulgent feel of the Brazilian's thick pecs. "I think you're going to regret it," Dio snaps back coldly. "It's not even going to be hard for me," he boasts. "Oh," Kayden chuckles, "I think something's going to be hard."

Very closely matched in size and fitness, the battle on the mats is fiercely competitive. Kayden's experience gives him an obvious advantage, allowing him to lock down holds and chain moves before the relative rookie can defend himself. "I heard a rumor you like legs," the smirking heel coos, as he wraps the steel trap of his bodyscissors around Dio's armored core. "Go ahead and feel them," he invites, flexing his tree trunk thighs brutally and pumping the air involuntarily out of the Brazilian's lungs. Dio huffs and puffs like a steam engine, sucking down air desperately, but indulging passionately in the offer to stroke the sculpted quads threatening to snap him in half.

What Dio lacks in experience, he makes up for in shocking strength and raw erotic allure. Kayden can handily put him on his back, but keeping him there is a whole lot more of a challenge. The Brazilian muscles his way out from underneath the dominating heel and uses his thick, hairy legs to rip Kayden open wide in a grapevine. "You're not as strong as you think," Dio taunts defiantly, flexing his glutes and grinding his crotch excitedly against the heel's abs.

Kayden drives the award-winning babyface from one compromising hold to another. Dio is fierce and stubborn, but when he starts to give away one submission after another, his opponent delights in the spoils of victory by kneading the Brazilian's meaty ass and stroking Dio's responsive cock. Face-to-crotch headscissors reveal Kayden's implicit motivation for this match, as the heel's trunks tent with excitement.

"You know what I think," Kayden muses, smothering him against his crotch in a cocky schoolboy pin. "I think when you accepted this challenge, you knew this is where you'd end up, underneath me." The cockier and more turned on Kayden gets, the more distracted he becomes by Dio's lush lips and award-winning physique. As the Brazilian's body inflames his passion, Kayden leaves himself vulnerable to the sly, relentlessly seductive offense of the South American beauty.

One of these fan favorite wrestlers finds himself knocked out cold, only to be awakened by the victor mounting him naked and celebrating with an explosive finish. Questions of titles and grudges evaporate, simply leaving two fully aroused wrestling hunks immersing themselves in the passionate pleasure that erotic combat inspires in them.

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Dio Characi vs. Kayden Keller*
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Adding insult to injury: Kayden rolls his foe up on his shoulders in a ball-clawing spladle

Kayden looks to put his opponent's lights out with a skull-crushing figure four headscissors

A rib-crushing figure-four bodyscissors has Dio's muscled body bending til near breaking

The fight looks to be all but extinguished in gorgeous Dio as he dangles in a torture rack

Kayden mounts a lifeless Dio and grinds and humps his bulging crotch into his helpless face

Supremely smug and confident, Kayden flexes up with a smothering schoolboy pin

Kayden Keller: 6'1, 180 lbs

Dio shows Kayden that he's not taking this lying down with a grounded solar plexus punch

Dio's body gets locked up in the heel's long limbs, sucking pit as his throat is drilled

Kayden's control gets derailed by a sensuous, flexing Dio as Kayden nurses on his nips

Kayden's sexual onslaught shows no signs of abating as he smothers his foe in his crotch

Kayden clothed in nothing but unadulterated dominance as his jobber worships his pecs

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