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  Leroy Blaze vs. Jonny Firestorm

Leroy Blaze: 6' 150 lbs

Jonny takes a moment to show appreciation for the lean rookie's peaked biceps

Jonny adds insult to injury by wedging Leroy's face in his hairy pit with a mexican ceiling hold

Jonny continues to brutalize Leroy's spinal column with a backbreaking boston crab

Looming over Leroy, Jonny wedges his pristine white trunks up his ass and lays down a spanking

Jonny finds he may have bitten off more than he can chew, trapped with Leroy's feet in his face

Jobber Therapy: Primal Screams

Another debut, and another body type altogether in this double bill of wrestler rookie matches: this time, the tall, lithe, wiry but powerful muscleboy! Never one who likes to be reminded of his young jobber years, Jonny Firestorm begged the Boss for a first crack at this particular pro newbie, enraged to be reminded not just of his former self, but of how short Jonny is, next to tall 'Blaze'! Jonny will take out his aggression and knock him down to size!

Leroy Blaze shows off his tight muscled body in classic blazing silver-sparkle pro trunks as he stretches, his ankle protectors another hint that he's got fight experience, and his barefeet a sign he's not afraid to get in close with his booted pro opponent. He's almost the 'barefoot pro babyface' of olden days. But he's a new breed, happy to go man to man against even the 'great Jonny Firestorm, resident superheel' pet of the Boss. Verbally too, he confidently banters with oh-so-serious Jonny, saying Firestorm may have the muscle but not "the mechanics to get the job done!"

"I always get the job done" deadpans Jonny in his hot leather trunks as he shows off his hairy chest and big muscles. Savoring his 'jobber' from the start, he feels off the young challenger from behind, learing as he says he "likes what he sees".

But in no time Jonny's confidence is wrecked by fast Leroy, who clotheslines and knees him to the face before Jonny knows what's hit him. Punched, splashed multiple times in the corner and tossed out of the ring, it looks like the ancient jobber Jonny once was is making a return visit! Landing squarely into a chest-sit pin from the top turnbuckles onto the Arena floor, Leroy sits on Jonny, his shiny silver trunks right in Jonny's view as he looks up to find those bare feet in his face as Leroy casually observes himself in the mirror and says "we often don't have these MOMENTS, you know?"

Indeed we don't! "It just looks really good!" Leroy exalts, kicking and tossing Jonny back into the ring for more. Like Pride before the fall, Leroy cliimbs the ropes only to launch a flying leap onto Jonny just as he gets up and nails Leroy in his ripped abs! Kicking into scientific heel mode, Jonny gets his revenge with a relentless - and we do mean relentless - series of claws, punches, pins, elbow drops to those picture perfect abs. Unwilling to even wait for submissions, Jonny doubles down and moves right on to the lithe tall stud's back, slamming, stretching Leroy in the ropes, and forcing a submission.

"You don't need to say my name. You're going to be screaming it!" Jon angrily announces as he flies full-fury into his meanest holds. Like a spurned lover, Jonny did not appreciate this jobber flipping the script. Now he's going to make him pay. But that's not all, Leroy seems to have reawakened the forgotten traumas of Jonny's jobber years, and so the relentless manic cruelty of the punishment he now dishes out is a cathartic catastrophe for poor Blaze, whose long body is put through humiliation after painful series of blows after novel torture lock from Jon's years of heel-experience!

Backbroken, ab stretched, racked over Jon's shoulders - and even upside down on the wooden staircase near the ring - Jonny devastates his victim pounding him with foreign objects leading up to a chair as he sits triumphantly over the suffering jobber, subjecting him to nut claws, ab claws, leg and back torture locks, and finally punching him around the ring until Leroy is begging him to stop. Doing dead lifts over his head with Leroy's body (held by the balls as well as throat), Firestorm goes for broke, slamming him down with multiple giant finishers while fitting in a dragon sleeper that has Leroy bending as he's never bent before! A tombstone piledriver finish puts pay to Leroy's attempt to revive the Jobber Jonny once was; now it's Leroy who will need reviving - by Jonny himself who carries him off! A stunning jobberpaloozer showcase for those who like their rookies 'destroyed'!

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Leroy Blaze vs. Jonny Firestorm
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Jobberpaloozer 21 Arena Galleries

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Leroy's lean body bends beautifully in Jonny's backbreaking, hair-pulling camel clutch

Continuing to control the newbie by the hair. Jonny works him over in an agonizing abstretch

Jonny seated on a makeshift throne built for a heel as he slaps on a brutal ballclaw

Leroy's body comes plummeting down across an outstretched knee in a brutal gutbuster

Raging jobber! Leroy nearly takes the feared heel's head off with a running clothesline

Jonny jubilant: Firestorm puts up a cocky, celebratory double bicep flex over the folded up jobber

Jonny Firestorm: 5'5, 190 lbs

Leroy's back looks about to snap as it bends over Jonny's knee in a pit-sucking inverted headlock

Leroy hangs from the turnbuckle in a tree of woe, face-to-face with Jonny's bulge in an abclaw

Jonny hoists the jobber overhead with a powerful military press in a primal show of strength

Leroy's world gets turned upside down in suspending, bearhugging, over the shoulder backbreaker

Leroy's body flops up violently as Jonny's thick quad crushes his neck in a big legdrop

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