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  Evan Sterling vs. Gabe Steel

Evan Sterling: 5'11, 170 lbs

Gabe's big, thick bicep looks ready to wrench the rookie's head right off in his debut match

Gabe continues to manhandle Evan in the ring, carrying him around in tight, crippling bearhug

The mustachioed rook brings Gabe to the mats with a ball-tapping rear chinlock

Evan is a sterling example of jobber perfection, suffering and bulging in a torture rack

A tree-of-woe means Evan has nowhere to go as his balls are free game for Gabe's boots

Balls of Steel

Evan Sterling may be new to BG East, but he's done his homework. The young, mustachioed muscle hunk has scouted Gabe Steel. He's read the reviews of his debut opponent's quickly growing wrestling resume. "I've heard a lot about you," the rookie tells Gabe, as the two hungry hunks stare at each other across the ring. "Balls of steel?," Evan asks incredulously, quoting Gabe's bold, self-published claims for possessing armor-encased testicles. "What can I say," Gabe chuckles. "It's in the name."

As they square off, they're a stunning study in contrast. As Gabe has been diligently studying the dark heel arts, he's also been packing on thick, dominating muscle mass. He's thick in all the right ways, and his skimpy, golden trunks and white boots accentuate all of his impressive bulges. Growing more brutal and sadistic with every match, Gabe sports a perpetual smirk as he bullies the new kid mercilessly at the start of the match. Earnest young Evan sports a form-fitted, amateur orange singlet and boots. He's longer and leaner, looking phenomenally fit and hungry to make his name in the business. Evan's very prominent bulge is hard to miss, and Gabe has an expert aim, targeting the rookie's crotch relentlessly with punches, claws, and taunting slaps. "Damn, man," Gabe chuckles mirthlessly. "With all that talk, I expected a challenge," he sneers, effortlessly driving the muscled rookie to his knees in a lopsided test of strength.

Gabe cannot keep his claws off of the tasty rookie's balls. Every dominating hold is a pretense to throttle the frustrated newbie's crotch. In humiliating fold over pins and in rib-snapping body scissors, the accomplished heel flourishes his fists and pounds his knuckles into Evan's unmissable target. When the rookie is wriggling and writhing in agony across the mat, Gabe drags him to his feet by his throbbing testicles and hoists the delicious hunk up into an inverted bearhug. The hunky heel effortlessly keeps him suspended with one hand, while grinding Evan's balls with the other, as the frustrated rookie screams.

When Evan gets half a chance to catch his breath and reconsider his life choices, he stares daggers at the smirking heel in front of him. "Now I see how we're fighting," he snarls bitterly. To prove his point, he drives a sharp knee into Gabe's dangling crotch. The heel's steady stream of trash talk suddenly dries up, as he drops to the mat in silent agony. "What happened there, Balls of Steel?" Evan laughs and taunts, lowering his singlet straps and flexing his gorgeously muscled torso, preening and gloating.

Evan proves that he's a quick study, using his singlet straps to strangle the vicious heel while Gabe is still trying to recover from the low blow. Gabe's relentless barrage of ball bashing comes back to haunt him, as rookie revenge rains down on his throbbing crotch over and over. The heel fights desperately against the rising tide of a stunning upset, but all those lovingly crafted, thick muscles of his can't do much while Evan is slapping his aching balls and spanking his meaty ass.

The sexy, savvy, sadistic heel is inspired to all new depths of depravity, when he grabs the reins again and brutalizes the bitter beefcake's body. Plucky Evan replies to Gabe's command that he submit with a snarling, "fuck you," over and over again. "You've got a mouth on you boy," Gabe snarls, applying double fish hooks in a transparent effort to rip the rookie's sexy lips right off his face. Trussed up by his own singlet, Evan's going nowhere fast as Gabe works up a head of steam, brutalizing his body and crushing the earnest rookie's ego to a pulp. Submissions no longer matter. It's all about total control and absolute humiliation, to introduce the new kid to exactly what he's signed up for by joining the ranks of BG East.

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Evan Sterling vs. Gabe Steel
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Evan bulges whilst locked in a strangling struggle with the humpy, handsome superstar

Gabe executes his technical know-how to devastating effect in a texas cloverleaf

Evan looks to pull off an upset against his thickly muscled foe in a ball-clawing invertead headlock

The new guy gets introduced to BGEast the hard way, jerked around by his hair and balls

Evan's long lean body bends back over the heel's knee as his bulge gets freely fondled

The straps are down and the guns are up! Evan flexes victoriously as his foe writhes on the mats

Gabe Steel: 5'9, 210 lbs

Gabe's broad back swells with power as he hoists the newbie up in a rib-crushing bearhug

Evan finds himself strung upside down by his balls in the ring by the powerful Latino

Evan gets a taste (and whiff!) of his own jobber sweat, camel-clutch smothered with his singlet

Evan's lean body gets bent and stretched around his opponent's knee in a bow-and-arrow variation

With his face in the mat, clutching his balls, Evan serves as a beaten footstool for the hunky heel

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