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  Kid Brock vs. Eric Moreira


Struggling for an arm bar

Tight choke sleeper

Eric in agony

Pose For Me, Big Boy!

Still seeking a first win, hits the weights, amping himself up for his next match. With his ripped, sinewy physique, a "mere" 165, Eric's at a big weight disadvantage. Brock climbs into the ring, flaunting his bigger bod. "You gonna flex or fight!" the rookie retorts. Brock tosses him across the ring with ease. But Eric surprises--a 6-foot vertical leap to hit a flying headscissors! A full nelson is a mistake: Brock powers out, terminating a rope-running attack with a big backbreaker. Brock scores. But at what cost--after so many power moves in a row, he's panting and sweating, that phenomenal bod gleaming. Brock goes for broke with a bearhug. Feisty Eric fights, but Brock won't let go--until a hard knee to the balls drops him to the mat! Two clotheslines don't down the big man, so the rookie climbs the ropes and hits a flying third that does the trick. "Where's your muscle now, big boy," the first-timer taunts before leaping off the ropes with a missile dropkick to the chest. Acrobatic takedowns, machine-gun muscle-busting body blows, cruelly cranked submission holds, and Brock drops deeper into jobber territory. But wait! "I'm not done with you yet." The rookie wants a knock out...

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Kid Brock vs. Eric Moreira
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