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  Ron Holloway vs. Kid Vicious  

Ron Holloway

Ron headlocks KV

Ron on the offense

KV goes to work on the young rookie

Ron feels the pain

Rookie Scottish lad vs mean skinhead Yank

Kid Vicious is not one to miss out on hot, lean, and sexy wrestling action, especially in one of the homelands of... punk rock! Here visiting Vicious meets an adorable young Scottish rookie Ron, afterhours, in the north of England. Ron looks vulnerable as hell in his white bikini and boots. After years of watching Brit style pro wrestling in his private lair, Vicious is eager to try out his moves on a rookie British wrestler, close up and personal.

These two meet privately for a pro-style battle, and it's Brit style vs Yank style! After his initial control over the overconfident Yank, by headlock, Ron escapes KV's return hammerlocks and tortures the stunned heel to submission! In the UK the 'heel' is also called the 'villain' and villain Vicious is not well pleased!

The pissed-off Yank skinhead pounds and scissors the rookie's gut, making him feel his wrath and enjoying every minute of his heeling tactics. "No. No! Never!" screams Ron as he suffers Vicious' forearms to the chest, stomps, and multiple hot backbreakers over the knee! The Scot with milky white skin, tightly muscled body, and cute smile is stretched and put on display while Vicious smiles his approval. Whenever Ron takes back control, he angrily tells the American, "You're goin' no'where!" But the yank escapes ready to take Ron on a trip to the thresholds of his endurance!

With its multiple submission revenge moves including a figure 4 leglock, devastating indian deathlock, and some stolen Brit torture locks, Vicious lives up to his name if only in the face of the suffering 'blue eye'. Pinned on top of it all! If you like 'em young, lean and suffering like crazy - this one's wrestling nirvana!

KID VICIOUS: 6'1" 170 lbs.
RON: 6' 145 lbs.

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Ron Holloway vs. Kid Vicious
21 minutes
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KV applies an Indian deathlock

Ron AKA the human pretzel

A vicious bow & arrow

A knee to the back increase the pain level

KV tortures the young Brit

Ron tries to finish off KV

KV pins Ron

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