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  Kurt Eriksen vs. Rick Ferris  

Kurt Eriksen

Kurt in trouble

RIck applies the pressure

Kurt trapped

The eagerly awaited third in this now classic series of mat action tapes opens with the return of hot matman punk-hunk who is hot to meet the very popular Ferris. Rick is lured down to the matroom for 'easy sparring.' Distracted by the Rick's charms, Kurt suddenly finds himself on the receiving end of some hot holds by the spunky young grappler. Kurt recovers to apply his own torturelocks on the struggling kid to gain a loud full nelson submission. Eager to prove himself, Rick opts for another fall with the ultra-lean muscled matman. Hot leg splits are exchanged, providing some eye-popping crotch viewing, Rick shows his no rookie job boy securing a mean single leg crab and leglock on the suffering skinhead, forcing a submission. All the stops are pulled for the final fall, with surfboards, arm and leg stretches, and scissors holds flying back and forth. Rick takes the punishment, once again coming back for more. The finish is sudden and very hot sexy. The winner takes his prize. Two of the most sexy and sensual of BG's stars.

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Kurt Eriksen vs. Rick Ferris
24 minutes
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