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  Dark Rogers vs. Chip Slater  

Dark Rogers

Dark ties Chip up

Chip chokes Dark


Dark applies the pressure

Spectacular aggression!

Dark Rogers, looking very cut-up in superskimpy bikini and backwards cap, faces leaner and very aggressive Chip Slater. Chip's snide comment on the cap gets Dark pissed off. 'Introducing himself' with a bearhug and blows to the side and gut, Dark lays into the cocky rookie, whose counterattacks and laughs awaken the Dark in Rogers. Dark tells him that if he loses he belongs to Dark for 8 hours, but Chip is unimpressed. He shows off with neck-breakers that give us some great close-ups, but the inflamed Dark One cranks head scissors, crotch grabs and gut punishment to the cute guy. Chip calling Dark by his former name of Scott makes his go wild, torturing the rookie with leglocks and a mean crotch split. Chip's counterattacks and ability to withstand a brutal and erotic leg split impress Dark. Further doses of pain fail to stop the spunky, sexy rookie. They agree to fight to a strangle hold. Full-on punishment wrestling ends in utter pain and humiliation for one combatant.

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Dark Rogers vs. Chip Slater
43 minutes
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Chip Slater

Double squeeze!

A choke-pin of his own

Sexy scissors/choke

Chip in trouble

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