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  Marco Guerra vs. Angelo Damato  

Marco Guerra 5'10 160 lbs

A go behind hammerlock


Half crab

Humiliating headscissors

Bodybuilder vs. College Champ

Most rookies would be thrilled to have a 3-2 record their debut year. Angelo isn't most rookies. With a shelf full of high school and collegiate trophies, 3-2 just doesn't cut it. As he runs drills pre-match, it's obvious he's been hitting the weights hard. Marco's already one of our most muscular hunks, but when he warms up with a series of undulating, hip pumping push ups more appropriate for the bedroom than the mats, the contrasts couldn't be greater. A feinting collar 'n elbow opening: Angelo goes low and catches a leg as Marco strikes high and gets a front facelock. But a cheating punch to the gut catches the All American off guard. "How you doing?" Marco taunts. Digging deep, Angelo grunts, "this... is... WRESTLING!" and astoundingly bridges to his feet and reverses the hold. Move/counter, block and throw, the evenly matched studs burn, until Angelo, with his head and shoulders on the mat, clamps his thick thighs around the waist of the muscleman standing over him. But advantage quickly turns to peril, when Marco turns, sits and reverses the bodyscissors into an inescapable no-hands Boston crab just by using the leverage of Angelo's interlocked ankles!

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Marco Guerra vs. Angelo Damato
22 minutes
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A figure four headscissor

Angelo Damata 5'8

Angelo screams out from Marco's crab

Marco catches the head and......

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