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  Bryan vs. Greg Leary

Bryan 5'11 190 lbs

Bryan screams out in pain

Greg butt bombs Bryan

Bryan sleepered

Greg counts the pin

Bonus Classic: Bryan gives Superstar Greg his Ultimate Battle

In this Bryan Muscle Showcase bonus match, which appeared on BG East's Ringwars 3, we see Bryan's classic struggle with another classic muscled BG East star, Greg Leary, with a specially sizzling nude finish! Babyface superstar Bryan has the skills, but will he withstand the onslaught of this sexy and aggressive new heel on the block?

Greg's leaner, meaner, and cockier than ever in this match! With his evil facial hair, his ripped physique in sexy skimpy trunks, he's let it be known he wants to take down this ultimate pro babyface and make him suffer. And his has no inhibitions about what he's willing to do to get his victory!

These evenly sized BGEast stars fight tooth and nail. They exchange holds, exact their submissions, and it's not quite the squash Greg hoped for. Greg's physique, here in the height of its ripped and sexy form, gets stretched and tortured. Still, it's not too bad for Greg, whose vengeance knows no bounds! Greg debuts his "bonzai drop", landing his full weight butt-first onto Bryan's chest again and again. Swollen with excitement, he delivers a dramatic DDT and piledriver that would put out any wrester; Greg makes sure with a sleeper, then strips Bryan. Leaving his own trunks on Bryan's face, he shows off hairless balls and big rod, pinning and posing over the pro. Now Greg's a hard pro! Sizzlin!

BRYAN: 5'11", 190 pounds
GREG LEARY: 5'11", 190 pounds

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Bryan bends Greg's arm

Greg on display

Greg Leary 5'11 190 lbs

Bryan brings the pain

Greg in groin agony

Can Greg survive?

Greg bares all!

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