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The Spartans

The Spartans

Philadelphia's Spartans have become one of North America's premiere amateur wrestling clubs (co-founded 5 years ago by our own Andy Bailey). BGEast takes you behind the scenes to see the team working out as they prepare for GayGames '98 in Amsterdam: musclepumping weight training, stretches, wrestling drills and sparring. Affable coach Shane McCall introduces each Spartan at the practice, than rules with an iron hand demonstrating moves and putting pairs through their paces while the others look on and yell their support. One interesting drill is "tag-off' wrestling where wrestlers from different weight classes often find themselves on the mat together.

This handsome and varied sampling of Spartans work hard, but they also enjoy playing around, 2-on-1's, and hi-jinks. These classy singleted athletes come in all sizes and personalities. Among their ranks are BGEast newcomers Scott Williams and Maxx Danno. Hopefully others will become BGE regulars too! Portrait photosets of some Spartans are also available (see Photosets descriptions). Half of each sale goes to the Philadelphia Spartans Wrestling Club.

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