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  Rick vs. Troy  

Rick Borelli

Rick's backbreaker

Rick bearhugs Troy

Troy legsplits Rick

Rock hard Rick

Rookie Romp

Here are two talented, eager and very attractive newcomers, not yet out of wrestling school, keen to see themselves on video and test their talent in private. Hunky Rick, in a hooded sweattop, stretches and shows off his very nice butt and a very big, packed musclebuilder body in tight shiny lime trunks and white boots. If you like 'em big 'n beefy, this guy is a bruiser! His opponent is cute Troy, outweighed by the big musclelug but with a big muscled light-heavyweight build of his own. Troy's tight blue speedos show off other attractions.

From the first backdrops over Rick's knee, Troy is jobbed savagely in the short but sweet first fall. Using his big muscles, Rick exacts a big ab stretch and then a backbreaker submission on the suffering prettyboy. Troy withstands an immediate camel clutch submission attempt and escapes to get an abdominal stretching guillotine on the big stud. Switching to a banana split legspread, we get close-ups of that beefy stud basket as the big boy shouts in submission! Beautiful! Taking a cue from his opponent, Troy launches into the weakened musclelug with a submission hold of his own, a standing ab stretch! Rick escapes to exact a long, tasty revenge. Bear hugs are among the agonizing holds he uses, but the advantage see-saws until one rookie is left grovelling and groaning on the mat, having been shown private pro wrestling's ups and downs the hard way. You caught 'em here first.

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Rick vs. Troy
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Rick has Troy in trouble

Rick crushes Troy

Troy Gulezian

Rick camel clutches Troy

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