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  Bryan vs. Brooklyn Bodywrecker  

BBW watches Bryan pump up before their match

BBW's hanging leglock

Bryan pins the Bodywrecker

Bryan leglocks BBW

Bryan's sleeper has BBW in trouble of going out

Bryan Takes a Beating

This second private match is about as different from the first as one can get. Even with his considerable experience in pro rings, was Bryan ready for the Bodywrecker's special brand of sadomasochistic wrestling mayhem? Wearing a perfectly fitting brief white speedo Bryan was patiently pumping up for the match, when 'the BBW' eagerly attacked Bryan without provocation. The Brooklyn Bodywrecker took off his studded leather harness and proceeded to choke, whip and toss Bryan's pretty butt all over the matroom, ultimately giving a new significance to the hangman hold. The first fall was a complete and thorough squash, undoubtedly the roughest Bryan had ever experienced.

Bryan learns early on why the Bodywrecker seldom has any requests for rematches: most of his opponents walk (or limp) away from their matches happy they made it out alive! But Bryan is tough and has a body primed to soak up all this punishment. Still, as the second fall begins Bryan fares little better, falling victim to a barrage of heavy forearm and elbow smashes. As well as those powerful Bodywrecker fists. He even got to experience the Bodywrecker's infamous knee-drop to the groin! Bryan makes a comeback, and even manages to take a submission from the Bodywrecker, working the hairy stud's legs repeatedly with figure-fours and other deathlock variations! This only serves to incense the Bodywrecker, though. Losing a fall to Bryan, whom he refers to as a "pansy pro", does not sit well with the Bodywrecker. The third fall is brutal stuff and ends with not one but two devastating submissions. Rough and sweaty!

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Bryan vs. Brooklyn Bodywrecker
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BBW's hangman has Bryan ready to quit

Bryan suplexes the Bodywrecker

A big knee to the back has Bryan stretched out in pain

Bryan locked up with nowhere to go

A big blow to the groin

BBW ab bashes the pro

BBW chokes Bryan with a belt

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